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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

This is the presentation page of a company. You will be able to view different information about a company based on if you are just viewing the information, an employee, or the company General manager.

Company Information

Company's presentation page with "Show more details" button clicked.


  • Company Avatar
  • Company Name
  • General Manager link
  • Location (country and region)
  • Company Wiki-link
  • Company forum link


  • Graphically shows the numbers of employees
  • Click the Show employees button to view the employee details
  • Show more details/Show less details - until pushed, all the information below will be hidden


  • Displays what product is being made and its quality
  • Displays the stock of product and the development status of the next piece (queue).

Raw Materials

  • This is only for construction and manufacturing companies that require raw materials for their production.
  • Shows what raw material is used to create the items and how many the company has in stock
  • Click the Show All Donations button to see what raw materials were donated

Note: Any organization can make donations of the appropriate raw material to the company.

Market Offers

  • Displays the licenses the company has, the number of products on the market, and the cost per product
  • Click Go to marketplace to view the offers on the market

Jobs Available

  • Displays the job offers posted on the Job market by the company
  • Click Apply to apply for a job

Note: You can only successfully apply for a job where you have the appropriate skills.


When you work for a company you will have an additional section right under the header.

Work office.jpg

You will have two buttons Work and Resign. If you haven't worked you are offered access to the work area. Working 30 days in-a-row grants you the Hard Worker achievement. See also the productivity formula.


  • The General Manager cannot lower your salary for 72 hours from the moment you are hired
  • You cannot resign from your job until after 72 hours from the moment you were hired, unless:
    • the company doesn't have the necessary amount of money in the accounts to pay your salary
    • the company has 0 Raw Materials in stock.

General Manager

Icon general manager.gif The General Manager, be it an organization or a citizen, manages the operations of the company and has additional options.
In the header of the company

General Manager options

Only General Managers will have the following options:

  • Edit Details
  • Sell Company (can set selling price of 1-5000 Gold)

Note: Companies can only be transferred through sale.


Accounts General Manager options

The accounts section grants access to the “Finances” page where you are allowed to invest or collect Gold and national currencies.

Products Section

Products General Manager options

General managers will have the “Upgrade quality level” option. This allows you to upgrade the quality for a certain amount of gold and to downgrade quality for free.

Upgrading/downgrading your company level will remove any offers from the marketplace, stock and queue of your company.

Upgrade costs:

  • Level 1 to Level 2 = Icon - Gold.gif 20 GOLD
  • Level 2 to Level 3 = Icon - Gold.gif 50 GOLD
  • Level 3 to Level 4 = Icon - Gold.gif 100 GOLD
  • Level 4 to Level 5 = Icon - Gold.gif 200 GOLD

Raw Materials Section

Raw Material General Manager options

Only General Managers have the access to buy raw materials.

  • Note: Raw Materials can not be transferred from the company once they have been purchased or donated.

Market Offers Section

Market Offers

Only General Managers can sell the products or purchase export licenses (cost: Icon - Gold.gif 5/20 GOLD).

Jobs Section

Jobs Section for General Manager options

Only General Managers can add, update, or remove offers. The salary cannot be lower than the country's minimum wage. The offers posted by the general manager will automatically be erased in 7 days ( 168 hours ).

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