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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Daily tasks are being told by Plato. When you complete a task or when you click the Skip button, it will disappear and a new task will appear. If there are no tasks that need to be done the list says "Now you can visit the forum or read the news to stay in touch with what happens on eRepublik.".

List of tasks

(P) Requirements for appearance Message Linked to Appears
1 You do not have food in your inventory Buy food! Marketplace - food area Daily
2 You do not have a job and you do not own a company Go to Job market! Get a job! Job market Daily
3 You have a job check and you have not been at work place Don't forget to work today! Company - Work page Daily
4 You are level 4 or more and you have not trained today You should train today! Training grounds Daily
5 You are level 5 or more, and you do not have an avatar on your profile page Upload your picture! Edit profile Until completion
6 You are level 6 or more, there is a war in your country and you have not fought today Fight in the war. War page Until completion
7 You are level 9 or more and you are not in a party Join a party! List of parties in your country Until completion
8 Your level is at least 10, the date is 5th, 15th (in this case, you are party member), or 25th and you have not voted Place your vote! Voting page Until completion
9 You are level 11 or more and you do not have a newspaper Create your newspaper! Newspaper Until completion
10 You are level 14 or more and you do not have a company Create your company! Create company Until completion
11 You are level 14 or more Create your organization! My organization Until completion
12 You are level 15 or more, you are in a party and you never have been a member of Congress Candidate for Congress! Congress elections Until completion
13 You are level 16 or more, you are in a party and you are not a Party president Candidate for Party Presidency! Party elections Until completion
14 You are level 18 or more and you are, or have the support of, a Party president Candidate for Presidency! Presidential candidates list Until completion

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