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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Soldier Actions

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Wellness and what influences it

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To serve your country, or as a mercenary in another, you must train to build up your strength.

You can reach the ‘Train’ page following the advice given by Plato and also from 'My places' tab in the menu, clicking the 'Training gounds' link.

Training Rules

  • Citizens can train only after reaching Experience Level 2.
  • Citizens can only train once per day. If you have already trained on a certain day you will see the following message: "You already trained today. You can train again tomorrow (eRepublik time)".
  • Training will increase your strength and decrease your wellness by 1 point. Citizens receive two experience points every time they train.
  • Training was reworked on Saturday, 12 December 2009 - The old 100% training boost that you could obtain by successfully completing the Trivia Challenge was inserted into the basic training value and is incorporated in the free training program. Thus, the new basic training value is double than the old one. Further more, citizens now have the possibility of paying gold in order to increase the value of gained strength even more.
    • Icon - Gold.gif 0.5 GOLD +50% effect
    • Icon - Gold.gif 1 GOLD +100% effect
    • Icon - Gold.gif 1.8 GOLD +200% effect.

Training Grounds

Training grounds V1.jpg

When you open the training grounds, Lana will appear with your current strength and training options.

  • Train for free for basic training boost
  • Train with Alexander for a payment of gold and a +50% training boost
  • Train with Caesar for a payment of gold and a +100% training boost
  • Train with Napoleon for a payment of gold and a +200% training boost.

When you finish training, Lana will appear again with your results. Underneath is a button linking you to the battles you can fight in.

Training feedback.jpg

Return to Fight

Train V1.png

If you have already trained, you can return to the training grounds to view your stats and to enter battles. This screen shows your

A list of the active wars is also available. Also, the option of starting a Resistance war in you region appears (if you live in an occupied region).

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