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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


Administration Principles

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This page further elaborates the eRepublik Laws. This is not an exclusive or exhaustive list, it is an insight on how the rules are interpreted.

"All citizens are born free and equal in dignity and rights."

The following actions are considered a disrespect of citizens' freedom, dignity or rights:

    • firing or suggesting firing citizens, based on other principle than productivity (firing people is legal, unless discrimination can be proven);
    • creating any type of content which includes automatic links (fight, resignation, vote, work, etc.).

"No citizen should oppress another citizen"


 The term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life. 

The following direct or indirect actions ARE NOT considered racism:

  • criticize a nation or nationality.

The following direct or indirect actions ARE considered racism:

  • the genealogy of a nationality is said to be inferior;
  • pejorative or harmful terms or stereotypes are used from the nation/nationality.


Flaming is a pejorative term from people who think their opinion is the only correct opinion, and will insist upon it relentlessly. It is a term used by people who think their opinion is the only right one from people who share the same feeling about themselves:

  • heated debates/political discussions are NOT CONSIDERED flaming.
  • any debate which deteriorates into personal insults or personal attacks is CONSIDERED flaming.
  • using the terms "rape", "pillage" and "genocide" (or variations) in a personal manner (for example: directed at one individual) is CONSIDERED flaming. The usage of the mentioned terms in a generic, non-descriptive manner, such as directed towards a political comment or intent (for example: an entire nation) is NOT CONSIDERED to be flaming.

Trolling is defined as a continued response or reaction, off of the original topic, designed purely to bait a personal attack from another player (an attempt to draw another citizen into a violation of the rules).

Any of the following direct or indirect actions ARE considered extremism/flaming/trolling:

  • bringing real life issues/controversies in the New World;
  • creating an inappropriate user name (example: "Adolf Hitler");
  • using an avatar or pictures of a war criminal to incite emotions of other players.


Being an international community, the standards of what constitutes pornography varies. Nudity or sensuality does not always equal pornography. Each case is taken on an individual basis. This includes, but is not limited to, avatars and pictures published in articles:

  • erotic pictures are NOT CONSIDERED to be pornography.
  • pictures in which persons do not have at least knickers (and bra, in case of women) are CONSIDERED to be pornography.

"Freedom of press is absolute"


Vulgarity cases include, but are not limited to, the following cases:

  • usage of commonly considered vulgar and curse words;
  • usage of vulgar user names or avatars.


There is a distinction between disagreements and insults. Ironic content and propaganda will not be considered as an attempt to insult other citizens.

Friendly banter will not be taken under consideration on reports by third parties. The person at which the words are addressed should report the content if he/she feels insulted.


Spam is defined as any incoherent text, or lack of text itself, or text copied from another source that serves no other purpose than to flood the media in order to keep other articles from being seen.

The following actions ARE considered spam:

  • transmitting any unsolicited, unauthorized materials or any other form of solicitation that ERPK Web considers in its sole discretion to be of such nature;
  • posting comments which are not related to the conversation;
  • posting articles or topics of real world events not directly related to eRepublik;
  • multiple posting of topics or comments in a short period of time, and publishing duplicate articles;
  • posting material that is not authored by the publisher himself or herself;
  • posting of articles of irrelevant nature that are flooding the news module (for example: Playboy-like articles);
  • posting article and article comments in order to advertise products or companies;
  • promoting an article by publishing multiple articles in one or more countries having the same subject or linking to the promoted article;
  • lottery / betting articles.

The following actions ARE NOT considered spamming:

  • posting articles in a language that is different from the language of the country in which the article is published;
  • creating content which contains poems, humor, jokes or irony, as long as the content is respecting the other eRepublik Laws.

Advertising for external products

The following actions are considered cases of advertising for external products:

  • posting any links or mentions to other games;
  • posting links or mentions to other websites that are not related to eRepublik;
  • advertising other not related to eRepublik products, services, charities, religions, organizations, etc.

Quotation of private discussion without consent

Private discussions include discussions that are held in:

  • private IRC channels or other chats (MSN, Yahoo, etc);
  • private forums outside of eRepublik;
  • private messages.

"Properties obtained through an illegal or unjust method will be impounded"

The following properties are considered illegal or unjust:

  • Gold/Currency obtained from the creation or usage of multiple citizen accounts;
  • Gold/Currency/Inventory items that were created/obtained though hacks, exploits or other illegal similar methods;

Organizations managed by a citizen guilty of breaking the 5th eRepublik Law are considered illegal properties and may be suspended.

Citizens should protect themselves by only accepting donations from people they know and trust. If "strange" donations appear, citizens should send them back to the donor.

"A real user may express his/her will upon only one citizen"

The following actions are considered a breach of the eRepublik Laws:

  • creation of multiple citizen accounts;
  • controlling more that one not permanently suspended citizen account in any given period of time;
  • "sitting" - entering someone's citizen account while he/she is on vacation or in order to perform task in the name of that person.

"Each player is required to immediately report any system exploits or critical errors"

Any usage of scripts, tools or software which does automatic actions (such as auto-donate, auto-message, auto-fire, etc.) for your citizen/organizations is not allowed. The creator of the script/tools/software AND THE CITIZENS/ORGANIZATIONS that use them may be permanently suspended for their usage.

"The channel for contacting the eRepublik Team is the official contact form"

The following types of messages should be made through the implemented specific channels:

  • complaints about Game Moderators/Community Officers or eRepublik should be sent through the contact page (department: "Feedback");
  • law infringements appeals should be sent through the official appeal system;
  • citizens discovering bugs, hacking, phishing, or or other unlawful actions by others should first report the issue through the contact page (department: "Report a bug").

"Only the eRepublik team has the necessary tools to determine if a citizen or group has made a violation"

Any direct/indirect public accusation of not respecting the eRepublik Rules/Guidelines or the eRepublik Terms of Service will be considered an infringement of the eRepublik Laws. The following types of statements ARE considered a breach of the eRepublik Laws:

  • "Citizen XYZ is suspected of running multiple accounts."
  • "Citizen ABC is feared to be a malicious hacker."
  • "Report Citizen DEF for using system exploits!"

"All the previous laws are also applicable to the eRepublik Wiki and Forum"

  • Read specific guidelines related to the eRepublik Official Forum:
  • Read specific guidelines related to the eRepublik Official Wiki:

"Every penalty applied will be counted in a user's forfeit points (FP)"

"You must be over 14 years old in order to use eRepublik"

Any account which is determined to be controlled by a person under 14 years of age will be permanently suspended.

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