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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


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Who declares wars?

A country president can propose a declaration of war that would then be debated in Congress. The costs for declaring a war are 200 Gold plus an amount of Gold equal to 10% of the citizens able to fight (having at least 10 experience points) in the attacking country.

If the proposal passes, the presidents of the countries involved can choose which regions to attack according to their strategy and budget (attacking a region costs 50 Gold plus 25% of the population in the enemy region – this fee is also used for starting Resistance Wars). Read more about how regions can be attacked here.

Breaking lines of defence instead of destroying walls

Once regional productivities were established, it became obvious that it was vital to control country borders. Defenders can no longer rely only on their personal wellness and strength, so fortifications are needed for securing what might be a future battle zone. In times of war, every inhabitant contributes to a region's fortification with 100 defense points (see formula below). Conquering a region is not an easy task as it requires taking out every line of defense:

- Border area – covering the area which represents 80%-100% of the defensive points
- Rural area – 60%-80%
- Suburbia - 40%-60%
- City - 20%-40%
- Administration Center - 0%-20%

Once the Administration Center is taken over, the defenders’ only escape would be to hide in the underground. If after 24 hours of siege, attackers don't manage to entirely break the defense, the counter force can secure the region by pushing attackers behind the borders into no man's land. Conquering or defending every line of defense is not the only way of ending a battle in a region - negotiations for peace can be made at any time and presidents can retreat their troops in order to show good will.

Retreat is disabled for the last region of a country. When multiple battles are fought in a region, the retreat option is available only for the battle which started first (if that battle is not a Resistance war). Presidents are able to retreat from battles only in the first six hours since the battles beginning.

Defense systems

Researchers developed defense systems to increase the potential of these fortifications:

Defensive points of the region = (Defending Region Population * 100) * (1 + Defense System Quality / 10)

These defense systems add 10 % to the total defense points of the region for every quality level. Presidents can propose to Congress the acquisition of these buildings depending on a country's strategy.


Higher military rank grades will be gained based on the damage inflicted in the fights.

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