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This page has been saved as historical information from V1.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.


War tutorial · War · Battlefield · Blocking attack · Resistance war · List of military conflicts

Soldier Actions

Strength · Train · Fight · Battlefield · Military rank · Damage formula

How does a region become a battle zone?

A region becomes a battle zone if the President decides to attack (explained in the war page).
When the battle starts the region has a number of defensive points (DefP):

DefP = 100 × POP × (1 + (DefS ÷ 10))

  • POP: Population of the attacked region
  • DefS: The quality of the Defense system of the attacked region

Attackers' damage removes points, while the defenders' damage adds points. It is most commonly referred to as a "Wall" with attackers seeking to lower the wall and defenders seeking to build the wall up.

A region can be involved in more than one battle, resulting from different wars, including resistance wars. The first successful battle is the one that determines who the region goes to, the other open battles being cancelled when one of the battles is won.

Header zone

War Battlefield.jpg
  • Countries - The left side will show the attacker country with its allies and the right side the defending country with its allies (if any) (the allies are shown under each country).
  • Heroes - Heroes are the top two fighters in that battle determined by the total damage they have done on their respective sides. Their Citizen Name, Avatar, and the amount of their total Damage done in that battle is displayed.
  • The countdown clock will be shown in the center. Before the 24 hours have passed will show the time until the region can be secured or conquered (hour/minute/seconds) - with color grey usually, red in the last 15 minutes.
  • In this graphic, the battle has ended and a text is displayed: “(Region) has been conquered by (attacker country)” or “(Region) has been secured by (defender country)”.

How much time does a battle last?

A battle can end:

  • When the defending soldiers raise the defensive points above DefP, and 24 hours have passed since the battle has started, or;
  • When the attacking soldiers lower the attacking points to 0 or below, and 24 hours have passed since the battle has started, or;
  • When Retreat button is pressed, or;
  • When a Peace Treaty is signed, or;
  • When a resistance war is completed in that region.

NOTICE: Every battle is automatically closed within a maximum of 120 seconds from the moment the battle ends.

How can a region be secured?

Derfenders are winning. If they manage to keep the wall this high, they will win the battle when 24h has expired.
All these conditions must be met in order for a region to be secured:
  • The 24 hours since the region became a battle zone have passed
  • The region reaches a level of defensive points above DefP

How can a region be conquered?

All these conditions must be met in order to conquer a region:

  • The 24 hours since the region became a battle zone have passed
  • The region drops below 0 defense points

What happens when a region is conquered?

Conquering a region will result in the activation of the following:

  • the region and the city will belong to the victorious country;
  • if the region has a hospital or a defense system, it will be destroyed;
  • from the accounts of the country that lost the region will be taken X% of the gold and local currency and transferred to the occupying country (where X= 100/number of regions of the attacked country) (the Treasury does not include the Gold and local currency that are bound to any pending law proposal).
  • if it's the last region of the defending country then all the companies (including newspapers), parties and citizens will belong to the occupying country and all the wars that the defending country has are over;
  • if it's not the last region then:
    • if it was the capital city, the new capital will be the most populated region belonging to the defending country.
    • all members of Congress, country President or party president and during election days the candidates for country presidency (5th of the month), party presidency (15th of the month) and congress candidates (25th of the month) are automatically moved to the (new) capital of their country (only them who ran from the occupied region);
      • If the region is conquered during congressional elections, candidates in the conquered region won't get into congress;
      • If they have companies, their companies remain in the old region and they are still managers.
    • the rest of the citizens are automatically taken out from the parties they belong.
    • companies in that region will now belong to the new country and will NOT receive a license to sell in the new country (the license has to be bought for 5 Gold);
      • all the employees will remain hired at that company even those who are in a different region so that will be in a different country from the company that they work for. They will continue to work being paid with the old currency as in the contract they agreed upon when they were hired. Company offers remain, but can not be applied by a citizen not residing in the country where the company was when the offers were posted, until they are reset.
  • citizens who are born to the conquered region will receive citizenship of the original owner

The fight

Short description: constantly showing fights. In the left, the attacking fights appear, in the right the defending ones. Each fight will come from up to down. If it becomes the fifth, at the bottom, it will be taken out from the column when a new fight appears. The minimum time that a fight can be visible is 3 seconds. The fights will be shown by avatar, citizen name and "+/- damage" (+ with green, - with red).

In the middle, it is the defending value of the city (visual and as a value).

You will be able to access the "Fight" button only if

  1. you are located in the country that currently owns the region OR you are located in the country which attacks the region OR you are located in a country which has had its Alliance with either country triggered in the war in question.
  2. your strength is greater than 0
  3. your wellness is greater than or equal to 40
  4. you have at least 10 EP or if you had bought an "Unlock Features" pack

If all 4 conditions apply you will start the fight. Otherwise, a message will appear telling what the problem is.

Effects of Fighting

  • the citizen loses 10 Wellness points for joining the fight
  • the citizen receives 2 Experience points
  • For each fight if a soldier has a weapon in his inventory, it will be used in that fight(the weapon with the highest quality level will be used first). That weapon will be erased from the soldier's inventory after the fight.
  • the damage is calculated and added to the citizen's Total Damage Points Inflicted.

Main article: One:Military rank

After a fight, the log is recorded in the history and will appear in the “Battle history” area. If you advance in rank, a notification message will automatically appear.

If your wellness after the battle is below 40, you will receive the message: “Your wellness is at a very low level. Find out how to recover your wellness and fight again.” The link “How to recover your wellness” will go to the Buy wellness page.

After a Citizen fights for the first time in a day, a link may appear depending on the conditions below to the "Hospital" on their region page. There (on the region page) under the hospital should appear a button named "Heal" that should give you:

Wellness = Hospital Quality * 10

The "Hospital" and "Heal" buttons only appear if:

  1. the citizen fought in a battle that day
  2. the citizen has not already gone to a hospital
  3. the citizen has under 100 wellness
  4. the region they are in has a hospital

After fighting, you may move to another region in order to benefit from a higher quality hospital, if you have not used a Hospital already.

Battle history

There isn't a battle history button on Battlefield anymore. Battle history can be found from eRepublik API.


Battle Stats (ErepTools)

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