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General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Commanded by Miyagiyoda
Part of South African Armed Forces

The Parabats was South Africa's military unit, a mobile branch which deployed globally assisting friends, allies and home nation.

These soldiers are a highly skilled special forces group and are on high alert to strike the battlefield at a moment's call. The branch was stationed at their home base in Icon-Poland.png Poland however they deploy frequently and also occasionally return home post-operations.

The branch is led by Commanding Officer Colonel Miyagiyoda


  • Strength: Any
  • Military Rank: Any
  • Activity: High


Parabats Uniform.png


Parabats Structure
Col. Miyagiyoda
Commanding Officer
Lt. Col. Allen Webster
Executive Officer
1st Parabat Company
Maj. Bobady zoo
Company Commander
1st Platoon

Lt. Shiloh DeGreat
Platoon Commander

Sgt. [1]
Platoon Sergeant
2nd Platoon

Lt. Joseph Rich
Platoon Commander

Sgt. Locutus
Platoon Sergeant

Military Ranks

Abbreviation Pvt. Lt. Cap. Maj. Col.
Rank Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Private.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Lieutenant.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Captain.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Major.png Insignia - South African Armed Forces - Colonel.png
Private Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel
Position Platoon Soldier Platoon Commanding Officer Company Commanding Officer Executive Officer of Parabats Commanding Officer of Parabats

Former Commanding Officers

Notable Alumni

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