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General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Part of South African Armed Forces

The Assegai, like the Parabats, is a mobile branch within the South African Armed Forces consisting of South Africa's heavy hitting soldiers and tanks. They are an elite, rapid response branch who could be called to arms at any time during the day.

The Republic of South Africa
Coat-South Africa.png


Assegai Uniform.png

Military Ranks

Abbreviation Pvt. Lt. Cap. Maj. Col.
Rank SAAF OR-2.png SAAF OF-2.png SAAF OF-3.png SAAF OF-4.png SAAF OF-6.png
Private Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel
Position Platoon Soldier Platoon Commanding Officer Company Commanding Officer Executive Officer of Assegai Commanding Officer of Assegai

Former Commanding Officers

Notable Alumni

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