South African Armed Forces

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South African Armed Forces

South African Armed Forces.jpg

General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Commanded by Grimstone
Part of South Africa

The South African Armed Forces serve to protect Icon-South Africa.png South Africa and her allies from enemy threats targeting both her home land and allied territories. The military consists of two branches, a home guard unit called the Pretorian Guard and a mobile unit, Parabats.

The military is currently lead by Chief of Staff Gen. Grimstone and deputy Chief of Staff Maj Gen. Merle Corey.

The Republic of South Africa
Coat-South Africa.png


The South African Armed Forces has a place for all citizens, regardless of one's age, strength or citizenship, however non-citizens must be from a pro South African country.

Branch Requirements
Branch Strength Military Rank Activity
Pretorian Guard Any Any Moderate
Parabats Any Any High

If you're interested in enlisting, fill out the application form at


The South African Armed Forces consists of the following branches split according to function, strength and rank requirements.

Military Branches
Branch Type Logo Uniform Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Pretorian Guard Home Guard Pretorian Guard.png Pretorian Guard Uniform.png Brig. Gen. Vanessa1309 Lt. Col. Harrin
Parabats Mobile Parabats.png Parabats Uniform.png Col. Miyagiyoda

Pretorian Guard

Pretorian Guard Logo
Pretorian Guard Logo
Main article: Pretorian Guard

The Pretorian Guard is South Africa's primary defense force which ensures the safety of her land at times of war. They patrol the borders for enemy activity, practise local training exercises and are ready to strike the battlefield when the nation is under threat. All soldiers receive regular supplies and daily training kits to rank up and gain experience in organised training battles. The Pretorian Guard is home to many of South Africa's congressmen, cabinet, former presidents and those citizens who are committed to a politics career back home.

Commanding Officer: Brig. Gen. Vanessa1309

Executive Officer: Lt. Col. Harrin


Parabats Logo
Parabats Logo
Main article: Parabats

The Parabats are South Africa's fearsome mobile branch which deploys globally assisting her friends, allies and home nation. These soldiers are a highly skilled special forces group and are on high alert to strike the battlefield at a moment's call. The branch is currently stationed at their home base in Icon-Poland.png Poland however they deploy frequently and also occasionally return home post-operations.

Commanding Officer: Col. Miyagiyoda

Inactive Branches

Training Division

Training Division Logo
Training Division Logo

The Training Division was the most junior ranking branch of the South African Armed Forces where soldiers were taught the basics of fighting, military structure, war mechanics and introduced to the social aspects of eRepublik.

The Training Division is currently inactive.


Assegai Logo
Assegai Logo
Main article: Assegai

The Assegai, like the Parabats, was a mobile branch consisting of South Africa's heavy hitting soldiers and tanks. They were an elite, rapid response branch who could be called to arms at any time during the day.

The Assegai was dissolved into the Parabats in 2010 due to low numbers.

High Command

High Command Logo
High Command Logo

South African High Command is a group of military leaders within the South African Armed Forces who advise the government and discuss matters pertinent to the military and safety of the country. The group comprises of the Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Branch Commanding Officers, Branch Executive Officers and Company Commanding Officers of the top 3 ranking branches. The Minister of Defense also serves the command in an advisory position acting as a liaison between government and military.

High Command Structure
Gen. Grimstone
Chief of Staff
Maj Gen. Merle Corey
Deputy Chief of Staff
Pretorian Guard Parabats
Commanding Officer
Brig. Gen. Vanessa1309
Commanding Officer
Col. Miyagiyoda
Executive Officer
Lt. Col. Harrin
Executive Officer
Unappointed Position
Company Commanding Officer
Company Commanding Officer
Maj. Bobady zoo

Military Ranks

Military Branch OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 OR-6 OR-7 OR-8 OF-1 OF-2 OF-3 OF-4 OF-5 OF-6 OF-7 OF-8 OF-9 OF-10
Flag-South Africa.jpg The South African Armed Forces Flag-South Africa.jpg
Pretorian Guard.png
Pretorian Guard
- SAAF OR-2.png
Private (Pte.)
- - SAAF OR-5.png
Sergeant (Sgt.)
- - - - SAAF OF-2.png
Lieutenant (Lt.)
SAAF OF-3.png
Captain (Cpt.)
SAAF OF-4.png
Major (Maj.)
SAAF OF-5.png
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col)
SAAF OF-6.png
Colonel (Col.)
SAAF OF-7.png
Brigadier General(Brig. Gen.)
SAAF OF-8.png
Major General (Maj. Gen.)
SAAF OF-10.png
General (Gen.)
- SAAF OR-2.png
- - - - - - - SAAF OF-2.png
Lieutenant (Lt.)
SAAF OF-3.png
Captain (Cpt.)
SAAF OF-4.png
Major (Maj.)
- SAAF OF-6.png

Military Alliances

Icon-South Africa.png South Africa has mutual protection pacts with the following countries:

This country doesn't have any mutual protection pacts at the moment.


The official military newspaper is eServamus in which the Chief of Staff will occasionally publish newsletters and recruitment articles. It is recommended that soldiers subscribe to this paper to keep up-to-date with happenings in the military.


The military has a separate sub-board on the South African National Forum at There is a public board under eSouth African Armed Forces -> General Discussion or which all citizens have access to and each branch also has its own area which soldiers get access to once enlisted.

In order to get access to your branch section, you will need to follow these steps.

Step 1

Click on the Profile menu link.

South Africa Military Forum Step 1.png

Step 2

Click on the Modify Profile -> Group Membership menu link.

South Africa Military Forum Step 2.png

Step 3

Click on the Request Membership link next to the group you'd like to join.

South Africa Military Forum Step 3.png

Former Commanding Officers