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Nationality Flag-India.jpg Indian
National rank 176
Date of birth March 8, 2009
Residence Chhattisgarh
Political party Democratic Party of India
Congress member of India
Feb 26, 2009 – Mar 25, 2009
Apr 26, 2009 – May 25, 2009
May 26,2009 – Jun 25,2009
Jul 26, 2009 – Aug 25, 2009
Sep 26,2009 – Oct 25,2009
Dec 26, 2009 – Jan 25, 2010
Party president of Democratic Party of India
Jan 15, 2010 – February 15, 2010
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Pheenic is a citizen of India. He currently resides in India.

Personal Life

Pheenic was born on March 8,2009, in Transnistria, Republic of Moldova.
After two weeks, he moved to Orissa, India. He is known for his image of a stack of money, which he has never changed since starting the game. His money stack image has inspired stories by writers in eRepublik. Pheenic has said that when he retires from eRepublik, he will retire in Transnistria, Moldova, which is where he started eRepublik.

Working Life

Pheenic began working for a food company in Moldova, and has stayed in the Manufacturing Industry ever since. He has worked in various companies, ranging from food companies to weapons companies. He currently works in a grain company manufacturing grain for different food companies.

J.P. Companies Venture

Pheenic decided to invest gold into a venture with his business partner Jelly9473. Together the two founded J.P. Companies. Their first company was a grain company, J.P. Grain, in Punjab, Pakistan. But a day later the Pakistani government closed them down, for the reason of the Pakistani government wanting to own all the companies in the region. So Pheenic and Jelly sold the company for 20 gold, not losing anything, and made a moving ticket company in Orissa, India. The company is called J.P. Moving Tickets. But after some time Pheenic and Jelly decided to close it down and start another company, J.P. Housing. The company did well, but they decided to close it down too. After a few months of break from business, Pheenic and Jelly started a Q3 Grain Company, JPP Insane Asian Grain, in India. The soon abandoned this too. After a few months break, Pheenic decided to go back into business. He currently has invested a lot of gold back into JPP Insane Asian Grain, now known as JP Insane Grain on DA BRAIN, which is run by Jelly.

Political Life

Pheenic first joined a political party named Construii in Republic of Moldova.
He then joined India United in Orissa. After being a party member for a few weeks, he decided to run for Congress on April 18, 2009. He announced his run for congress on April 19,2009. On April 25,2009, which was election day, he won, with three votes. He started his first term on April 26, 2009.
He decided to run for a second term when the next congress elections came around. He won the elections again, with 5 votes. He started his second term on May 26, 2009.
A few weeks into his second term he was asked to help a new second political party in India grow. The name of the party was Democratic Party of India. Pheenic quickly joined it, as he had been wanting one made, and soon became considered a founding father of the party. He was made the moderator of the DPI party forum on the Indian forums, and was soon a respected member. Pheenic soon ran for a third term in congress and won. He started his third term on June 26, 2009. After finishing that term he decided not to run again, as he wanted a break from being a congressman. He has stayed in DPI ever since joining it originally, and is a devoted DPI member.

Presidential Run

Pheenic decided to run for president in the June President Elections. After winning the support from his party, he became the first presidential candidate from DPI. He quickly became a well known candidate, but lost to the India United candidate Shail.back. Pheenic did well for being a candidate from a newer party, winning 20% of the votes, an impressive amount. Since then, he has run numerous times, coming his closest in the January 5th, 2011 election, receiving 44.68% of the votes. He plans to run again in the February 5th, 2011 elections.

Military Life

Although Pheenic has always been more of a politics person than a military person, he has held numerous Government positions in the Military. In fact, he has held more military positions than any other position. He is a Commander in the Indian Army.

Deputy Minister of Defence

A few weeks after presenting his idea of reorganizing the Indian army, past president David Forde suggested to current president Shail.back that Pheenic's idea be implemented. India had just gone through an attack threat from Iran, which luckily didn't happen. David Forde decided that the Indian Army needed to be reorganized so that they would be ready for an attack. So he told Shail.back his idea, and Shail.back made Pheenic the new Deputy Minister of Defense, and the head of the army reorganization. Pheenic was then given full access to the armies funds and plans. But then Pheenic entered the low ages of his career, and had his title revoked.

The New Pheenic

After success in India, Pheenic soon entered times known as the Low Ages. He didn't fare to well for some time, but then rebounded back.

The Low Ages

In the low ages, Pheenic went through some bad times. He started opposing the Indian government more, and lost his position as Deputy Minister of Defence. He was labeled a rebel in India, and had to flee to Malaysia. In Malaysia he decided to go under a different alias. For some time he operated under that different alias, but finally decided to turn back to his original alias. This was the end of the Low Ages for Pheenic.

The Return of Pheenic

After returning to his original alias, Pheenic returned to India and quickly got back into routine. He decided to help out India more, and soon became as famous as he was before he had entered the Low Ages. Pheenic presented new ideas to the new President, UgoRaffaele. One of those was to build a University, the University of India. The idea was received well by President UgoRaffaele, and was implemented shortly. Also, Pheenic ran for congress from Tamil Nadu in the August Elections. He won, and started his term on August 26, 2009. Pheenic was back and better than ever.

The Following Months

Pheenic continued to prosper in India. He was elected into Congress again, and the month after that. He took part in many discussions, and helped India progress. Soon, a PTO group called MAFIA came to India. Pheenic took part in fighting them off. He was made the Citizen Mentor Head for a short while, and also was given access to the Democratic Party of India organizations. He continued to work towards the freedom of India's regions, and India's overall state.

Moving on through the year

As the year moved on, Pheenic prospered even more. He was made the Navy Officer in the Indian military, and continued to keep up with the pace of things. His current plans are becoming President, and running a successful company with Jelly. Pheenic is currently the advisor to the Indian President.