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Dead citizen

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
National rank 1669
Date of birth May 03, 2009
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Married to Kazeal
(August 30th 2010 – )
Children J03 Freyer
Newspaper Potassium-Enriched
Party president of United Independents Party
Congress member of USA
Military rank Icon rank Major*.png Major*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

In the beginning, Pheno Sony was a sad newbie. Knowing nothing, he bumbled around, clicking on random things hoping it'd work. He decided early on that he wanted to be a writer. At the time that was decided, the congressional elections came up. Without the eUS forums or IRC for knowledge, he did research on the congressional candidates. It was one of the biggest accomplishments of the time. He endorsed candidates from each of the highest population (or fortress states) and from Alaska as well. That's also where he met his first friend, Kitlero. After a few days of the congressional election he left for about 6 months.

The Return

After about a 6 month leave, he met someone named SirNicholas. The first thing they both noticed was the in-game chat. They decided to go there and hang out. One of the first few people Pheno first met was Archers bullseye and Gildorg. They were both Flying Unicorn Squadron members (Archer being the Director for the FUS.) After hanging around with them, Pheno made the decision he wanted to be an FUS member. After applying to FUS, he learned some amazing things from Gildorg (later become director of the FUS.) SirNicholas and Pheno Sony also applied for Community Development Program, and worked with them as well.


While working in FUS, Pheno told a lot of new players to join the military. Practicing what he preached, he decided it was time to serve his country. He joined the TC branch first. Under the leadership of fairly famous people, such as Andy Costello or Necrosis Xiaoban, he learned great things about military procedures and about commitment and brotherhood. He would eventually transfer to the Army, and then the national guard where he would ask to be honorably discharged.


Pheno met two amazing people while doing FUS work. The first was Gnaeus Progenitor, PP of the Technocratic Party at the time. The next was Nova Coru, who later would become the only woman Pheno loved. Both worked together to make the technocrats amazing, and Pheno wanted in. It took all of 1 day to become part of the technocratic cabinet. To this day, he still considers himself a Technocrat.


While being in the Technocratic party, Sir Nicholas was in the APF. Around that time, the APF was taken over and turned into USWP. After this, Sir Nicholas left to join the UIP. One of the more prominent UIP members, Illithian, needed an election coordinator for strictly political reason. Since Sir Nicholas did not want to do it, he recommended Pheno for the job. Illithian approached Pheno and offered him a job. Pheno thought about it for a day or so, and eventually said goodbye to the technocrats. When he arrived, he first met Justin McCravok, Kazeal, and Tepwnzor, three major politico's who would greatly influence Pheno's stay in the UIP, and politics in general.

As it turns out, Illithian did not use Pheno at all. He was simply a buffer to make the higher up's happy. However, Tepwnzor noticed Pheno being bored. He asked Pheno to help him set up a PP debate. And when the time came to do the meeting, Tepwnzor didn't show up. Pheno was forced to lead his first and only PP debate. It was the scariest moment Pheno had experienced. But it also got Pheno some recognition in the party. One day, Pheno decided to message Kazeal. With the title of the message "We need to get shit done", that's where the beginning of the Kazeal-Pheno team started.

Party Presidency.

In this part of Pheno's life, we'll go a bit faster. Pheno gave the FUS to John Richards, and dropped the CDP work. At this point, he wasn't involved in any interior work. He started to gaze his focus into the UIP. He raised in ranks from a chief of communications, to secretary positions. It wasn't until he became the Presidential adviser that he wanted to become Party President. It would be a very long, and arduous thought process. After Herr Nicholas's rise to power, and then abuse of the power, he knew he could make the party better then what it was. When he declared that he wanted to run, no one stepped up to challenge him. It wasn't until he challenged Justin McCravok to run against him, did it become a race. Debates, mass mailing, and articles galore. The day of the primary came. And at the end of it all, the votes came to this: 15-15. It was a tie. With no time to do a re-vote, we decided, very maturely, that the entire fate of our party shall rest on one decision: Rock paper Scissors. The final result came to this: Justin McCravok- 4 Pheno Sony- 3. But Justin, being insightful, created the position of Co-PP. They both ruled the party that month, Justin focusing on the public face of the UIP while Pheno focused on the forum aspect of it. It was a great month.

One more time Pheno...One more...

Justin McCravok had two terms as Party President. During his terms, Pheno got involved with Human Resources, and laid the groundwork so that Ido2407 could take over. He also became the UIP's Chief of Staff and other positions as well. After stepping down from HR, Pheno talked with Justin and found out Justin didn't want to run a third term. Pheno saw an opportunity and took it.

Pheno's death.

Pheno played eRepublik for over a year. He joined the UIP and left 10 months after his join. It was said that Pheno was to the UIP as Emerick was to SEES. But he decided that, with the changes the admins were throwing out there, he simply could not play anymore. Pheno had become Party President one more time between January and February. It was one of his most successful terms, completely overhauling the forums and access levels. Along with that, but tweaking the cabinet while promoting activity and recruitment. Outside of the UIP, he also became Deputy Secretary of the Interior, a position close to his ultimate goal of SoI. He decided to quit on 2/28/2011.