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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentinian
Date of birth March 2008
Date of death 2010
Sex Male
Newspaper Buenos dias Argentina
President of Argentina
16 May 2008 – 1 August 2008
Preceded by Juan Ignacio
Succeeded by Pechorin
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Pier's old avatar

Pier was the fourth President of Argentina.


Born on March 7 in Buenos Aires (Pampas). Comes with the first wave of Argentine citizens who entered the New World. Create the Argentinean Official Forum.


Shortly after entering in the game, he took a place in the National Congress. When his period ends he didn't run again for the congress elections, with the idea of leaving the country to make a military training, but an unexpected leave of Juan Ignacio, President at that time, made the country have a crisis. For that reason he decided to stay and assumes the power, to help the Argentinean citizens. Later he will be officially elected President for two months, until his retirement.



At the beginning of his government, he have to deal with the crisis faced by the country, with the national treasury almost empty, the market without food, the prices through the roof, the currency devalued, and a financial deficit.

But he brought solutions, and put the country in the Top 10, soon all citizen had food, give strength to the ARS, making the country's deficit disappear, and filling the national treasury with thousands of Gold.

Created the Central Bank of Argentina, which would function to intervene in the monetary market and manage state companies.

National Security

Creates the Argentinean Army, to have an organization in order to defend the country, in case of any war.

He put hospitals in all regions. Buenos Aires was the first region of America with Q4 Hospital (the highest quality at the time).

Establishes military relations with others countries outside the PANAM to protect the country, signing MPP with Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania.


Is responsible for the first Constitution of Argentina, approved by all congressman and then he made signed for the admin to give it officially valid. He also wrote the Anti-corruption Law, and make it official.

Among other things, led to Congress's request to subsidize the national army, which consisted of a payment to the soldiers who participated in the war between Indonesia and SA, and recovering the money they used to fight. etc.


He was a part of several military organizations;

  • Chief General of Argentinean Army,
  • Supreme Commander of ATLANTIS,
  • ATLANTIS Commander,
  • General GEO,
  • General STARS,
  • Member of TANK (Special Unit of ATLANTIS).
  • Member of GEO (Grupo Especial de Operaciones)ARG.

He was the Hero for Poland during the Polish Independence War battle for Little Poland. He also began the battle of Chungcheongnam-do during the South Korean Independence War.

Wars in which he participated:

  • Indonesia vs SA;
  • Mexico vs Spain;
  • Romania vs. Hungary;
  • Liberation War: Finland, Poland, Australia and South Korea (Operation McArthur).
  • Indonesia vs Argentina (Operation Tango);
  • France vs UK;
  • China vs Pakistan;
  • Spain vs Portugal;
  • Switzerland vs Italy.