Platoon Wolf

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Platoon Wolf

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The strength of the pack is the wolf, the strength of the wolf is the pack.

General Information
Disbanded 30 Sep 2010
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Total Soldiers 70
Part of The Swedish Military

Platoon Wolf was a part of Military of Sweden during 2009 and 2010, the platoon was created as part of a restructuring of the Swedish Military where leadership wanted to build up smaller communities and groups while at the same time ensure that the military could easily divide and spread out damage in a variety of battles. As Platoon Wolf began the grow it became a vital part of the Swedish Military showcase a combination of both high damage dealing capabilities as well as a very active and mobile membership. Although the Swedish Military refrained from releasing official statistics of the platoons damage, Swedish player Kibla published multiple articles containing statistics of the damage dealt by the different platoons in the Swedish Military with Platoon Wolf generally at the top.

Creators and early members

Platoon Wolf was one of the original eight Swedish Platoons and part of the Swedish Military, it was created by Graytuna and his deputy Gota Lejon, these two recruited the initial 20 members of the platoon, listed below.

Lonestar , Eyes Cream , MarkiQ , Laced , Dirty Harry , Octavi , Marzin , thaboss , Jontos , Jeppe.Svensson , Schonke , Boris A , Oscar JE Jerker , Dr Mord , KL , jahwohl , aixs , Ble , kabooz & SwedenCitizen

Following the additional restructuring of the Swedish Military, three of the original eight platoons were disbanded due to limited activity and lack of leaders, the active members of these disbanded platoons were divided and integrated into the remaining five platoons. Platoon Wolf was thus reinforced with the following members.

Torin , Glacier , Wrathan , The Anka , Maxinator , Mr Lint , Ph Brodin , mews , Soderberg , Daniel.H , hatbrott , EorlTheMighty , Yabu & Viggen


Graytuna and Gota Lejon Resigns as Commanders

With real-life responsibilities calling and a reduced interest in eRepublik, founder and original Wolf Commander Graytuna decided to take a break and notified the Swedish Military leadership of his intentions, Gota Lejon, the deputy commander decided to follow meaning Platoon Wolf lacked any form of leadership. Lonestar, at the time Congressmember for Flashback Sweden had been acting Wolf Commander for a few weeks due to Graytunas inactivity and was asked to step up into the role of Commander, Lonestar had displayed high activity level within the political field and was considered to be one of the up and coming players of Sweden and his political party. Following some internal discussions between the members, Lonestar accepted the nomination and was promoted to Commander in late May 2009.

As Wolf Commander, Lonestar lead the Wolfs and showcased success in both recruitments of new members, maintaining high activity level and ensuring that orders regarding where damage should be dealt were followed. Additionally, along with his deputies Alexmedh and Dirty Harry, Lonestar ensured the Platoon Wolf, despite mostly consisting of newer players with low or average strength, would deal the highest amount of damage as well as have the highest amount of active members of all platoons.

Initially, the platoons were created as part of a restructuring process to increase activity and community feeling inside the Swedish Military to ensure that players stayed in the game and maintained a high activity level as well as mobility. A key part of this strategy was the private Platoon forums which were part of the general Swedish eRepublik Forum, here Platoon Wolf found large success as multiple of its members were active of the forums and created multiple discussions, games and other things which helped boost the activity level. An interesting thing to note was that due to the high activity level of the platoon forums, post count, which displayed how many posts a forum user had posted on the forum, were adjusted to not display posts made in the platoon forums.

Lonestar Resigns as Commander

The sixth February Lonestar resigned from all positions in Sweden and appointed Alexmedh as his successor as Wolf Commander.