Presidential elections in Thailand 2008

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Following are the complete 2008 Thailand presidential election results.


Candidate Party Votes Notes
Don Ado United Liberals 11 (73.33%) Winner
Idriss Idriss Democratic Party 4 (26.67%)
Kang Tuji Defensive Democrat Sosial 0 (0.00%) All votes deleted due to cheating


Candidate Party Votes Notes
Don Ado United Liberals 16 (57.14%) Winner
Admiral Ackbar Partido Nacional Socialista 10 (35.71%)
s33vald Estonian eRepublik Party 1 (3.57%)
marone Defensive Democrat Sosial 1 (3.57%)
Idriss Idriss Democratic Party 0 (0.00%)


Candidate Party Votes Notes
Admiral Ackbar Uno Di Noi Winner
Krokoff Kazanis United Liberals
V de Vendetta Partido de la Gente del Bar
Idriss Idriss Democratic Party
Bubub Defensive Democrat Sosial


Candidate Party Votes Notes
FlameR Thai Nation Together 41 (57.75%) Winner, banned halfway through the term
blue daffodil United Liberals 15 (21.13%) Interim president after FlameR got banned
dzhammou Par Lielu Latviju 7 (9.86%)
s33vald Eesti eVabariigi Erakond 6 (8.45%) Interim president after blue daffodil resigned
Heliopolis Uno Di Noi 2 (2.82%)


Candidate Party Votes Notes
Rockman 9 Thai Nation Together Winner
Luis Carlos Prestes Thailand Reform Party
SpeedKing Par Lielu Latviju
virtual11 Defensive Democrat Sosial
Hasepoleth Thailand's Right Road


no elections held


Candidate Party Supported by Votes Notes
Jack Roberts Sabai Unity Party Thailand Reform Party
International Socialist and Communist Party
Thailand Defence Party
Uno Di Noi
Thai Sabai Reform Party
Rockman 9 Thai Nation Together no supporting parties


Candidate Party Supported by Votes Notes
Korbin King Thailand Defence Party Thailand Reform Party
Sabai Unity Party
Democratic Party of Estonia
66 (49.25%) Winner due to more Experience points than the second places Antonio Salgado
Antonio Salgado Thai Nation Together Nobelis 66 (49.25%)
m.h.t Thailand Democratic Party no supporting parties 2 (1.49%)

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