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Antonio Salgado

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Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
Date of birth September 2008
Date of death Fall 2009
Sex male
Party president of Thai Nation Together
11 November 2008 – 4 January 2009
Congress member of Thailand
26 November 2008 – 4 January 2009
Vice president of Austria
September 6th, 2009 – October 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria
September 6th, 2009 – October 2009
Preceded by Max Brand
Succeeded by Lynari
Party president of PANA
15 January 2009 – 2 February 2009
Congress member of Brazil
26 January 2009 – N/A
Ambassador of Brazil
06 February 2009 – 06 March 2009
Party president of Partido Nacional Democrata
15 February 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Marco Polo
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
06 March 2009 – 06 April 2009
Succeeded by Cavalcanti
President of Brazil
06 April 2009 – 06 May 2009
Preceded by Cavalcanti
Succeeded by Darkvenom
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
06 June 2009 – 06 July 2009
Preceded by Cavalcanti
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Antonio Salgado was a citizen of Brazil.


Antonio Salgado began his life in Brazil. He moved a lot around the New World.

Antonio's old Avatar

On the 4th of January 2009, before presidential elections, Antonio gives up running for the office (for personal reasons) and goes back to Brazil, after fighting with his own gold and weapons, in Russia, he was promoted to Icon Corporal.jpg corporal.

Military Life

Antonio served in Thailand and in the Brazilian army and fought for Hungary, Japan, Portugal and Brazil.


He moved to Thailand after being called by friends of Thai Nation Together. He was a member of UOL Holding and was accused of being involved in the Czech Hospital scandal.

Thailand Social

Just after arriving in Thailand, Antonio opens his newspaper. After 2 days in Thailand, he started to share his opinion and ideas with others. With a meteoric career, he quickly reaches the top newspaper and opens one Organization. The only dark thing is his involvement in the "Czech Hospital" scandal, where he received Flag-Thailand.jpg 30000 THB from the former president Rockman, but he gave the money back.

Thailand Politics

After that, Antonio entered politics, becoming party president, the second most voted Congress member and also drawing in presidential elections with Korbin King, who won because he (Korbin) had more experience.

During Jack Roberts government he was working in the Civilian Recruitment Office with ButchCassidy, niceboy0222 and rafa zanetti.

Political Results in Thailand

  • Nov 10 - Thai Nation Together party president, 26 votes, running alone.
  • Nov 25 - Northern Thailand congress member, 7 votes, second more voted.
  • Dec 5 - Runner-up in Thailand presidential elections (after a tie), 66 votes.
  • Dec 10 - Thai Nation Together party president, 23 votes, against Kimmli, 3 votes.

Thailand Military

Antonio was invited by Jack Roberts to join the Thailand army as the General of the Marines. After the elections, with Lance LaGrange continuing to be the Sec of Defense, Antonio maintains his military post.

The only battle that Antonio was present, while Thailand's army member, was at the beginning of V1: Romania x Hungary - Southern Transdanubia.

Antonio's old Avatar

UOL Holding

With the intention of selling good quality goods at fair price, Antonio created the UOL holding with his first company UOL wood academy (later known as Wood de castilla). After selling some wood for half of the usual price, he started a Housing company, to sell houses at fair prices (just as wood). When he saw the very expensive prices of the moving tickets in the market he also bought one company, which made him GM of a Q2 wood company, Q2 House company and Q1 moving company.


Brazil Social

Antonio went back to Brazil after some months in Thailand. His reception was good, but some people didn't receive him well, claiming that he was the Capo of "Thailand Mob".

Also, Antonio was one of the supporters of the cooperative system in the country.

Brazil Politics

Antonio was a member of PANA. He was elected president of the party in January 2009. On 25th of January, he was elected Congress member, in front of PANA. With Antonio´s party presidency, PANA went from 20 to 72 members in 1 month and continued to grown. On 6th of February, elected president, TexMurphy chose Antonio to be one, of two, Brazilian official Diplomats.

On 2nd of February 2009, Antonio agreed with Marco Polo, DEM´s president, to make a party fusion, creating a top 2 party. In April, Antonio was elected president of Brazil.

Political Results in Brazil

  • Jan 15 Partido Nacionalista party president, 33 votes, running against two others.
  • Jan 25 Northern Brazil congress member, 20 votes, second more voted.
  • Fev 15 Partido Nacional Democrata party president, 56 votes, running alone.
  • Fev 25 Northern Brazil congressman, 11 votes.
  • Mar 5 Brazilian presidency, 105 votes, third place.
  • Mar 15 Partido Nacional Democrata party presidency, 52 votes, running alone
  • Mar 25 Lost congress race in south Brazil, 5 votes.
  • Apr 5 Brazilian presidency, 335 votes, winner

Brazil Military

Antonio was a General for the Brazilian army. Former Commander of Urutu division, 1st company of Elite Squad, also twice battle hero. Brazil conquest of South African territories started at Antonio´s government.

Fox-Hound Holding

Antonio created together with matheusbauer, lorenzo lopes, gutinho and others the Fox-hound Holding. This holding have lot of orgs and companies.


Antonio's old Avatar
Pugnus Divinus.jpg
Pugnus Divinus, originally started as Muay Thai, was a newspaper run by Antonio.

eRepublik Christmas Project

A project started by Antonio in his newspaper with the intention of spreading love word to all of the New World[1].

Cooperative system

Two articles where Antonio shared his experiences with the cooperative system and tried to help other people.


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