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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

Icon - Hospital.jpg A hospital is used to increase the health of soldiers that fight in battles. Hospitals are not for those that are not currently fighting.

Hospitals are created by manufacturing companies using stone. They can only be purchased with a proposal of the country president with congressional approval. They are then placed in a region to the tile the president specified.


Hospital components.jpg
A hospital is made from three components: roofs, walls and ambulances.
A hospital's roof determines how much health soldiers can receive when fighting per turn, while its walls determine the maximum amount of health a hospital can give before destruction. Ambulances determine the “area of effect”.
Roofs are made by carpenters, walls by builders, and ambulances, or to be precise the logistical requirements of the hospital, are done by project managers.

How to use a hospital?

When you fight in battle, you will use the hospital automatically if:

  • You're deployed
  • You're inside the area of effect of the hospital
  • The hospital is controlled by your country

The most of health you can receive depends on the roof of the hospital. You can only get your health back to the level it was at when you last deployed to the battlefield.

Example: You have 80 health when you deploy. Your health will be raised to 80 at most.

If you lose a fight, you will be healed if you are inside the area of effect of a hospital. When you redeploy, the limit of the hospital is that it can heal you at most to your current health level.


A hospital's durability is measured by its Health Budget. The Health Budget is the maximum amount of health that one hospital can give to all its soldiers in total before it disappears from the map. If the walls have 100 CP, the hospital can give 250,000 points of health.

If the Health Budget is low and there are more units within the area of effect than the hospital can heal, the rest of the Health Budget is divided by the number of units in its area of effect and the resulting Health is evenly distributed to the units. After that, the building disappears.


Icon - Stone.png To construct hospitals companies need to use Stone.

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