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General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation SAO
Forum Forum
Founded August 3, 2009
Dissolved February 10, 2013
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Irish Progressive Party
Succeeded By Eire Aonair
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Saoirse was a political party of Icon-Ireland.png Ireland.


Saoirse (meaning Freedom in Irish), was a populist pro-military party in Ireland. They tried to express/ enforce the majority opinion of the nation but they also valued each individual’s freedom to believe and act differently. Populism means they valued every citizen’s opinion equally and for that reason they had traditionally been a party of young members who did not want to take second place to any in-party oligarchy. On December 7, 2010 the party was dissolved when Ireland was completely taken over by the UK. As a result Ireland lost all of her parties. Since then, new parties have been created.

The founding members were Clownprince37 and Niall H, and shortly after our launch they obtained a top 5 position in e-Ireland. In June 2010 the party fell out of the top 5 for the first time, the membership declining below 30 at one stage. It was finally dissolved.

The party was reformed in September 2012 under the leadership of MUFC92 although it is not very relevant to the first Saoirse Party. Party was merged with Eire Aonair in February 2013.


Saorise was an Irish political party who focused on defending Irish borders, Irish citizens rights, democracy and free speech.

Saoirse was a militarists party, republican party and democratic party. Saoirse is Irish word for "freedom", and freedom was the main goal of the party - Freedom for eIreland and for eIrishmens.

They did not have ideology, but they had experience and knowledge to pick the best option for the country. They always tried to make the best decision in a certain time. This game is dynamic, game is changing every day, and Saoirse will be ready to give best answer on what is best thing to do in that certain moment.

Saoirse encouraged young members in the community to get more opportunities and to get involved in running this country. Future of eIreland is in new Irishmens and womens and that's a fact. One of Saoirse main goals was to make baby boom in eIreland, as this was the only way for country to grow and Saoirse considered that a national goal number one!

Militarists - Saoirse believed that military should be the most important part of eIreland. This game is all about wars and Saoirse supported government money investments in strength of the national army and Irish soldiers. Saoirse believed that eIrishmens can only work as united and this was one of the most important causes of the party, Saoirse was trying to unite all brave and useful Irishmens in one party and in one Military Unit - Irish Army (only Irish state-MU), but also in ICA (through history strongest MU).

Democracy - All Saoirse members had rights to get involved in running the party. All Saoirse members were included in party decisions. Saoirse made polls and voting about every major issue in eIreland.

Party Presidents

Name Mandate Mandate Start Mandate End
Anton Sidequest 1st 3rd August 2009 11th August 2009
Clownprince37 1st 11th August 2009 15th September 2009
Top Gun 1st 15th September 2009 15th October 2009
Top Gun 2nd 15th October 2009 15th November 2009
Niall H 1st 15th November 2009 15th December 2009
biffo3000 1st 15th December 2009 15th February 2010
Mr. Lassan 1st 15th February 2010 28th February 2010
Clownprince37 1st 28th February 2010 15th March 2010
The Dagda 1st 15th March 2010 15th April 2010
biffo3000 1st 15th April 2010 15th May 2010
Sargant Stefanos 1st 15th May 2010 15th July 2010
Lliam Costello 1st 15th July 2010 15th August 2011
Davorko 1st 15th September2012 15th November 2012
Stilpo 1st 15th November 2012 15th December 2012
Uljanov 1st 15th December 2012 10th February 2013