St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski

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Dead citizen

St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski

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Nationality Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnian
Date of birth May 5, 2009
Day 532 of the New World
Date of death June 14, 2022
Residence Federation of BiH
Sex Male
Faith Theocracy
Newspaper Voice of St. Edoxin
Congress member of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Party president of Teokratska Stranka eBiH
? – 15 August 2009
Succeeded by wudu
Party president of B.N.K.
16 September 2012 – 15 October 2012
Preceded by Don Torleone
President of Bosnia and Herzegovina
6 November 2012 – 5 December 2012
Preceded by mobster1930
Succeeded by Pobednica1389
6 April 2013 – 5 May 2013
Preceded by
Succeeded by Don Milli
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 3.png Flight Lieutenant***

St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski was a citizen of Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He was born in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 2009 presidential elections day - May 5, 2009 (Day 532 of the New World).

That's what eRepublik API says about him. After mysterious and publicly unknown death, His Excellency was resurrected on that day, but the previous birth date and life are still unknown.

Icon position party member.gif Politics

2x Country President of Bosnia and Herzegovina

11x Congress member of Bosnia and Herzegovina (September 2009, February, March and September 2012, August and December 2013, May 2016, May, June, July and August 2021)

Party President of Teokratska Stranka eBiH

Party President of B.N.K. Party


St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski served as a Captain of 1st Regiment in B.N.K.