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This is an article about the UK military unit, The Legion. For other articles and subjects with titles related to the word "legion", see this page.

The Legion


Fortes Fortuna Juvat

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Total Soldiers 15
Commanded by Rodney Mckay
2nd Carlini8
Commanders Sir Jimmy Savile

The Legion was one of the strongest and most organized military units in the United Kingdom. It was one of the national MU of the U.K. and the most powerful in terms of damage.

In December 2015 it was discovered that unit dropped from more then 300 soldiers to only 6:

In September 2018 it was discovered that the party has regained a few soldiers and was a the time having 15 able men, lead by the Rodney Mckay as the Commander and Carlini8 as the 2nd Commander. In December 2018 it was detected that Sir Jimmy Savile hold also the position of the 2nd Commander.


The ESO Legion avatar

The ESO Legion was established in December 2011 as a militia attached to Every Single One party. It was founded by jamesw, Emergy Maxfell, Justice Boomticket and Elle Roslin. The MU was donated by Rednoahl.

It was initially designed as militia, an alternative to official military units who were ignoring younger players in the community. The ESO Legion offered younger players not just a place in a military unit, but a chance to develop themselves alongside their comrades, often helping them with monetary funds and advice.

Even tho it was part of the political organisation, leaders of The ESO Legion were against politicizing it. You didn't have to be in the party to be in the unit. That eventually led to distancing between party and unit and in October 2012 they completely severed ties, and The Legion was born.

After all other official military units failed due inadequate means of funding (government money), The Legion stepped up. It's high organization and self sustainability made it perfect to assume the role of the national military unit.

During 2014, the ID has been changed from the original 580 to 3985. The reason for the change is unknown.

Commands structure

Up to the end of 2012, the command structure was more or less the same as in any other military unit.

Command structure October 2012

Regiment captains:

Command structure February 2013

In February 2013 the number of soldiers passed far more then 200 members, so there was a call to structure. Legion become driven by a command structure that crucially maintains it's weapon communes and distributes supplies to soldiers.

  • Commander: Carlini8
    • Second in Command, Rewards: Elle Roslin
    • Second in Command, Captains: Rodney Mckay
    • Suppliers:
      • CrispyDragon
      • Zonmei
      • N W G
    • Distributors:
      • CrispyDragon
      • 11ue, replaced in April by Sambucco
      • Simon Eusnomis
      • GameChanger
      • dmgd
      • Bigheaded
      • Lightning43
      • Maximus Decimus.Meridius, replaced in April by Lord Rupert Everton III
      • Puppie Master, replaced in April by shipamogli
      • Miss Annabelle
      • Added in April vl125

Command structure October 2013


From the end of January to the middle of February, Legion began a shift towards a more community-orientated regimental system to encourage teamwork and activity, partially inspired by the successful Ship's Company system previously used by the Royal Navy. Regiments were tasked with their naming, choosing colours, mottos etc, with the idea that future inter-regimental games and competition might be possible.

Crest - 1st Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 2nd Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 3rd Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 4th Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 5th Regiment The Legion.png
1st Night's Watch Regiment 2nd Screaming Llamas Regiment 3rd Carlini's Avengers Regiment 4th 'Merican Yorkboyz
5th Panda Warriors
Colour - 1st Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 2nd Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 3rd Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 4th Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 5th Regiment The Legion.png
Commanding Officer
Captain Srotzky
Commanding Officer
Captain Lord Lewis Cromwell
Commanding Officer
Captain Spygon
Commanding Officer
Captain GameChanger
Commanding Officer
Captain Draconius Nightwatch
"Primus inter pares"/
First among equals"'
"Amas llama si amas victoria/
"Love the llama if you love victory"
Black & White
Red & Black
Orange & White
Red, White & Blue
Green & White
Crest - 6th Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 7th Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 8th Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 9th Regiment The Legion.png Crest - 10th Regiment The Legion.png
6th The King's Own Royal Black & Yellow Jackets
(Regiment of Sexy Sexy Bees)
7th Airborne
8th Warwickshire Fusiliers Regiment 9th Rainbowfish Battalion 10th Sherwood Foresters Regiment
Colour - 6th Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 7th Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 8th Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 9th Regiment The Legion.png Colour - 10th Regiment The Legion.png
Honourary Colonel
King Woldy II
Commanding Officer
Captain John F Baker
Commanding Officer
Captain Mr Extra
Commanding Officer
Captain Ziltoid16
Commanding Officer
Captain Maximus Decimus.Meridius
Commanding Officer
Captain Deejay Kev
Acting Commanding Officer
Alexander Solari
"The Sting in the Tail!"
"She said she was level 16"
Black & Yellow
Maroon & Navy
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Crest - 11th Regiment The Legion.png
11th Regiment
Colour - 11th Regiment The Legion.png


The Legion has an extensive supplying and distributing method to try to ensure it's soldiers get supplies efficiently. It offers higher supplies for those who are more active or hit harder. It employes tier system that is used not to discriminate towards newer players. More information on this, what the supplies are and how to get a job, are here:

Tier system

The tier-based system of supplying is created to promote activity and community within the unit. Every two weeks performance of every member is evaluated and he is assigned to one of the tiers:

Tier Requirements Reward
Tier 1 – Militia Over 200 exp and 20,000 rank points in a two week period 6 Q7s + £10 for every day worked
Tier 2 – Auxiliary Over 1000 exp or 500k rank points in the two week period 8 Q7s + £10 for every day worked
Tier 3 - Legionnaire Over 2000 exp or 1000k rank points in the two week period 10 Q7s + £25 for every day worked
Tier 4 - Praetorian Over 3000 exp or 2000k rank points in the two week period 12 Q7s + £50 for every day worked


The Legion offers rewards for people who achieve specific things. When something is achieved (like HW medal, SS medal, rank up, level up etc.) members post on The Legion feed in-game and award is received.

Legion Merit

The Legion Merit (LM) is a series of decorative awards for services to the MU, first instituted by Rodney McKay in 2012.

Members of the Gold Order

  • Rodney McKay - Feb 15 2012 (awarded by Elle Roslin as PP)
  • Elle Roslin - Feb 16 2012 (awarded by Rodney McKay as PP)
  • Diakun - May 12, 2012
  • Miniman_7 - May 12, 2012

Members of the Silver Order

Members of the Bronze Order

  • Mittekemuis - Feb 15 2012 (awarded by Elle Roslin as PP)
  • Boomticket - Feb 15 2012 (awarded by Elle Roslin as PP)