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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Transitional Arab Government on eRepublik
Logo of Transitional Arab Government on eRepublik
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Headquarters Western Transdanubia
Products Weapons
Services Newspaper and Weapons

TAGE was an independent government that belongs to no other government and that works for the interests of the Arab future state. Its members were Citizens of different countries and will as individuals continue to work honestly for their actual Countries, and for the interests of their respective Co-citizens. There shall be no conflict between TAGE and individual members' bi-Nationality.

[File:Erepublik - arab world.png|thumb|right|Logo Used by Arab eRepublikans]]


The Transitional Arab Government of eRepublik, is the newly adopted name for the Temporary Arab Government in Exile, which was the name TAGE adopted until the announcement of the Creation of the New States of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE, where it evolved to represent the upcoming Government, since these three nations do not have a government yet.

Their goal was to build an eArab state, to prepare it in Exile and to lobby Admins to create it when the right time comes, and to nourish it and protect the newly born eArab state when it is born For that.

The First Application paper was created in 2.8.2009, and the First member of the Government was VOICE, the organization soon started to attract the wandering Arabs of erepublik, and managed to grow gradually to include most of the Arab population of eRepublik, the Declaration of Independence came in the Government's official Newspaper, ARAB GOVERNMENT NEWS, which was signed by the founding Fathers of the Government, Agabey, Aguellid, Grace, Sweil, Voice.

The Declaration letter


Declaration of Independence Greetings and Salutations from the Arab People of the New World. The first step of our dreams and hopes is made. the Arab Government in Exile (TAGE) is born. The TAGE is an organization created by Arabs from around the World, to represent Arabs and to prepare for the construction of the first Arab Country. It is time that Arabs have their identity recognized among the Nations of the world, and to have their government upon which hopes of a bright future lie. Founding Fathers Council (alphabetic order) Agabey-Aguellid-Grace-Sweil-Voice

Preparations for weekly TAGE Summits


Presidents of TAGE

  • Aguellid - was the First President of TAGE
  • Agabey - second President of TAGE
  • Voice - Third President of TAGE, and First President of Tage after announcement of the three estates
  • Arab League - Fourth President of TAGE, and First president to come, not from the Founders
  • Ahmed AE - Fifth President of TAGE, took position after Arab League resigned to join CP Elections in Egypt

Notable Positions

  • President - Voice, also the Government's candidate for UAE presidency
  • MoFA - Arab League, also candidate for the Majles in Cairo, Egypt.
  • CP candidate in Egypt - Heboo
  • PM for Egypt - ibnroshed2, also possible candidate in Egypt.
  • CP Candidate in Saudi Arabia - Lawrence of Arabia, in 8/42011 Lawrence has been impeached due to his attack over UAE, and causing Damage with Arab states, and their allies.
  • Babyboom Team - Akzoro, Wars 7, both possible Candidates in upcoming Majles elections

Creating Arab States

with the year 2011, eRepublik announced its creation of three Arab states, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, with these three states, TAGE's goal would have considered as ended, but agreement that TAGE continuing to function, to remain a house for all arabs has forced it to remain functioning, Arabs still It was not till the late months of 2010 that the Exile Government was working on daily bases to collect as many Votes and signatures as possible, with a forum suggestion, calling for the creation of at least one Arab state, the Thread witnessed a large increase with jumping from 40 signatures in 1 month, to 150 in 2 days, to 400 by new years. The Other tactic that TAGE did was contacting Presidents of several States, asking them to send a request to create at least one Arab state.

Foreign Relations

The request of an Arab state is no longer a small trend going around, but the Majority of the citizens of eRepublik find it crucial to create an Arab state, with support from several country officials, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Poland, Pakistan, Turkey, and even in Israel, The Admins have FINALLY realized the necessitation of an Arab state... But their are several concerns over an Arab state, is its foreign relations, so i will be informing the public on what we, the Arabs fighting for an Arab state, believe... the usual belief of TAGE is that an Arab state will probably remain Neutral and not participating in any wars.


the Arabs on eRepublik see Israel as a friend, that we can live along in peace, and perhaps even becoming Allies, since for thousands of Years, Arabs have been Jews’ best friends, and protectors against their persecuted lives in Europe, and we believe that there is room for both of us here in eRepublik. and even some go as far as including Israel in an Arab Alliance, since Israel is surrounded by Arabs, yet their are some fears that any future expansion of the Arab Population might bring people with different ideologies, that might prefer waging wars, yet I personally disagree with that since most new Arab incomers will be strictly get educated about life in eRepublik.


unless its Iraq or Saudi Arabia, we believe an Arab state will have cordial good relations with Iran, moreover, there will be strong natural ties, due to the cultural background of both, though we have little or no-relations today with the government of Iran.


Turkey actually hosts one of the Largest Arab population in eRepublik, and will also become a Natural Ally for ANY upcoming Arab State, for RL reasons, and for eRepublik reasons, Turkey has long been supporting Arabs in the game, and will defiantly be one of the Arab's Strongest Ally, yet the relationship between Arabs and Turks will not be followers to Turks, the Arab State will have its own Foreign relations that will not be easily affected from pressures of wars, but will form friendships with everyone, enemies of its Allies, and Friends of its Allies...

China and Taiwan

Arab-Chinese relations

Arab Chinese relations are still nonexistent, but Arabs count on it as being perhaps one the most successful relations with another estate.. Talks have helped in developing the understanding of newly created states,the Arab Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arab League, and his Taiwanese counterpart have formalized relations with the opening of the first Arab Embassy in the Taiwanese Forums.

Russia and Eastern Europe

Arabs here realize that Eastern Europe is the strongest military, demographic, political and economic region in the game, with countries such as Poland, Serbia and Romania in the Game, this region also hosts one of the largest Arab populations as well, and will be Natural Allies, due to that Arab populations living there, plus the support of the creation of an Arab state, especially from countries like Poland, Croatia, and Bosnia, whom have sent personal messages of Support to what we are promoting over eRepublik.

India and Pakistan

Arabs here see that the Indian Pakistani conflict will have to remain only Indian-Pakistani, and we must not interfere in it, we find that having cordial relations with both as something essential for economic and political reasons, as well as personal RL reasons, since India and the Arab world have had relations dating back to pre-Islamic times, as for Pakistan, they are the largest Sunni state

USA and Western Europe and Canada

For Arabs, the only problem they have with the US in RL is due to the Arab Israeli Conflict, once that has been solved in eRepublik, the US would be expected to become a major Ally, like it was before the conflict in RL. with normalized relations and everything.same goes with Western Europe, which would be seen as a new Friend to TAGE, tho some Arabs fear of European Imperialists, whom might take advantage of a new weak Arab state, but Arabs are greatly depending on the previously mentioned Allies.


PACMAN and Indonesia

one of the regions that also host a large Arab Population, and would form a natural Ally with the Arab world, or so we believe, we still have not been in contact with this part of the world. but economic cooperation will be the main factor of relations we believe.

First Arab Presidential Candidates

As a precaution, TAGE announced three candidates for the three new Arab states, as official representatives, to

  • Egypt - جمهورية مصر العربية

Heboo - (هيبوو)

  • Saudi Arabia - المملكة العربية السعودية

Octavian Cucu - (توكتافيان كوكو)

  • Emirates - الإمارات العربية المتحدة

Voice - (فويس)


List of Arab Ambassadorial missions abroad:

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