United Zionist Socialist Party

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United Zionist Socialist Party

Party-United Zionist Socialist Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation UZSP
Forum UZSP Forums
Colors Blue and White
Founded September 2009
Dissolved 15 April 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /37 seats, 0%
Succeeds Israeli Progressive Party
Succeeded By United Zionist Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian
The United Zionist Socialist Party (UZSP), having rebranded, renewed, and reenergized, wishes to announce it's official Manifesto and Platform. We embrace an Israel where unity and the exchange of ideas flourishes, and we look forward to a golden age of Israeli growth, prosperity, and civil inter-party efforts to help our nation reach her glory.

The UZSP is, above all else, a party of the people. We pride ourself as more than simply a political party, but rather as an inclusive, burgeoning Movement. The UZSP embraces ALL citizens, regardless of experience, age, or level. We welcome new members to grow with our party, and make an impact on the future of our great nation from day one.

To our fellow Israeli Political Parties, we look forward to working together and changing the debilitating culture of partisan politics. To our fellow Israeli Citizens, we invite you to join us, and at long last, be HEARD.

—Hyman Roth, introducing the UZSP


The UZSP began in September 2009 as the Israeli Progressive Party (IPP)[1]. The party was founded by Charles Nimitz. In the Congressional elections that month four candidates ran for the party[2]. Of those four, Charles Nimitz, Sam Krakower, and Acesolid were elected to Congress[3]. In October, Charles Nimitz ran for president under the IPP but lost to CJ Will Win. Later in October the IPP was rebranded as the United Zionist Socialist Party (UZSP) and a party manifesto was released[4]. Earlier that month a PTO of the fledgling party was attempted but failed miserably[5].

The idea for the UZSP came from Sir Valaro Volcrum, and with Charles Nimitz, Ezekiel Ben-Or and Hyman Roth, the UZSP was given birth from the IPP. During Jewyoyo's second term as party president, in March 2010, party members voted almost unanimously to change the name of the United Zionist Socialist Party. For a while party members had felt like the name was too long, and that it was time for a change. Jewyoyo waited for the next Party President elections to formally make the change. On April 15, the United Zionist Socialist Party formally became the United Zionist Party.

Original Logo

Youth and paramilitary

The party had both youth unit called UZSP Aid For Immigrants and its own paramilitary unit known as Maccabee Strike Force.

Congressional Elections

Month Congressional Seats Percentage
September 2009 3 7.5%
October 2009 12 30%
November 2009 12 30%
December 2009 20 50%
January 2010 12 30%
February 2010 9 23%
March 2010 11 27%

Party President Elections

Date Term Began Votes Percentage That Voted Winner
15 September 2009 9 75% Charles Nimitz
15 October 2009 24 104.35% Hyman Roth
15 November 2009 25 62.5% Hyman Roth
15 December 2009 47 79.66% Jewyoyo
15 January 2010 15 75% Sir Valaro Volcrum
15 February 2010 27 70.83% Sam Krakower
15 March 2010 19 52.78% Jewyoyo

National President Elections

Date UZSP Candidate Votes Received Percentage of Votes Winner
5 September 2009 Cj Will Win 106 52.48 Cj Will Win
5 October 2009 Charles Nimitz 36 21.56% Cj Will Win
5 November 2009 N/A N/A N/A JMatH
5 December 2009 Franz Kafka 107 49.31 Zaib Atsu*
5 January 2010 Joshua Hoss 143 76.06% Joshua Hoss
5 February 2010 Joshua Hoss 81 45.25 Sadeh Badeh
5 March 2010 Sir Valaro Volcrum 97 45.12 Sadeh Badeh
  • Zaib Atsu resigned about a week into his term, passing the presidency unto Franz Kafka.