William Archibald Collins

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William Archibald Collins

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth November 27, 2009 (Day 738)
Date of death 2010
Residence Western Australia
Sex Male
Party president of Republican Party of Australia
Position created – March 15, 2010
Succeeded by Frymonmon
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

William Archibald Collins (aka Archie Collins, WAC; b. November 27, 2009 (eRep time, 3 April 1989 irl)) was an Australian politician and newspaper editor who founded the Republican Party of Australia. He was the editor-in-chief of "The Australian Frontier", a conservative newspaper based out of Adelaide.

Early life

Collins was born William Remus Archibald Collins Jr, in the state of Wyoming, United States. His grandfather, Remus Collins, murdered his mother Stacey and forced his father William Snr to flee with him to Australia for their safety. Shortly after Remus was arrested in a plot to kill then President Josh Frost.

Collins grew up in Queensland, working in his father's store until he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died. After that, Collins joined the Australian Army and began training for deployment.

Invasion of Australia

Brazil declared war on Australia on December 14, 2009. Two days later a ground assault into Western Australia saw the destruction of Perth. Collins was deployed into South Australia to brace for an imminent invasion. The war, of course, came on December 18. Collins, being inexperienced, suffered three broken fingers and a shrapnel blast to the left leg.

He was sent to a medical facility, but returned to active duty a few days later to help lead the charge into Western Australia, which eventually led to its freedom.

The Australian Frontier

While in a medical facility in Adelaide, Collins penned a letter to a local newspaper detailing the brutality of the war and the strong sense of patriotism. Seeing his letter in the newspaper convinced Collins to begin his own paper.

Using his inheritance from his father and grandfather he founded "The Australian Frontier", a newspaper which honored patriotism and denounced foreign rule through staunch conservatism. The paper has drawn some controversy, but has also run lotteries with prizes going to deserving entries.


Collins is a center-right conservative, who believes that Australia and its interests should be protected over those of its former enemies, such as Indonesia.

Collins founded the Republican Party of Australia after the war with Brazil, unfortunately just before Party president elections. The party suffered a PTO and became neo-fascist under the name of 'The Order of the Knights Techlar'. However, the party was restored on February 15 2010 and is continuing to thrive.

Personal life

Collins lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his cat Artemis. He is a member of the 'Church of Manhattan', an as-of-yet unrecognized religion in eRepublik.

In an interview, Collins revealed he is a fan of the writings of Stephen King, and enjoys disaster films. He has admitted that he enjoys trolling on pro-Twilight pages in spare time.