William Duncan

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William Duncan

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William Duncan.jpg
Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 520
Date of birth February 2009
Residence Alberta
Sex Male
Political party Canadian Paradox Party
President of Canada
06 October 2009 – 05 December 2009
Preceded by Jacobi
Succeeded by Jacobi
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

William Duncan (a.k.a "WD"), began his eLife in early February, 2009. WD is a proud eCanadian who passionately serves his community. This dedication was recognized during his CAF service, and earned him a promotion to Acting-Lieutenant of the 10th Royal Canadian Hussars Platoon by then General Bruck, who the following month went on to become the elected Prime Minister of eCanada. At that time WD was again promoted full Lieutenant.

After tirelessly building the foundations for the 10th, WD entered into Politics during the 15 March '09 Party Presidency elections, where he joined the CCF to vote for his friend, Cesar Augustus. Cesar won the election, and WD joined him in rebuilding the legacy of the famous Canadian Paradox Party (CPP). William Duncan is a republikan at heart, and strongly believes in the importance of elections, and democracy. He believes in a strong & united Army that will serve, defend and protect the eRepublik of Canada and her People.

William Duncan eventually joined the cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister Jacobi, working his way through the political ranks to eventually become Deputy Prime Minister. He ran for for the Premiership of Canada in the September 5th, 2009 election but came up a short distance behind his mentor and current PM, Jacobi. Jacobi announced he was retiring as Prime Minister, and William Duncan ran on a joint ticket with Derek Harland (the pair have been shortened to WDDH) of DAL. It was a close race, with Duncan coming out on top and beating jbdivinus of the Canadian Progressive Front by 100 votes.