Operation Turkish Delight

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Operation Turkish Delight
Date 11 June 2009 –
15 June 2009
Location Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Result Turkey lost five Greek, Israeli territories
Territorial Changes Macedonia, Attica, Jerusalem district, Tel Aviv Center District, Central Greece
Flag-USA.png USA
Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-USA.png Eugene Harlot Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey

Operation Turkish Delight was a military operation by the United States of America and resistance forces from Greece and Israel, started on June 11, 2009. Also known by names such as Mighty Aphrodite, Herculese, Fig Leaf, and Divine Justice among various members of the US military. It was composed of a series of seven resistance wars in parts of Israel and Greece occupied by Turkey.


Greece had been entirely conquered by Turkey during the Balkan Wars, only regaining the region of Thrace during the Greek Independence War. Israel had been similarly conquered during the Turkey-Israel War, three of five regions during the Israeli Independence War.

In an effort to weaken Turkey, and by extension, the PEACE GC, the United States began preparations for an undisclosed military operation. Initial mobilisation orders were sent on June 10 to all mobile divisions of the US military. The next day, troops were ordered to move to Turkey to back resistance wars, many of which were started by US military personnel. Soldiers were instructed to conceal their identities by all possible means. Troops worked in Turkish weapon companies between fighting and healing, or in US-owned companies, in an effort to sabotage the local economy. Roughly a dozen US-written/approved articles were voted up during that time period, flooding the Turkish media.

Turkey was taken by surprise, and needed several days to arrange a strong defence and receive help from other PEACE nations. Aware that the battles would become more difficult as the war continued, the US began employing diversions. A resistance war earlier in the day occupied the defenders' attention, allowing US victory in regions deemed more important. This was the case with battles in Crete and the Peloponnese.

Over the last few days, Turkey had negotiated with Hungary. On June 15, the two nations signed a peace treaty, ending an inactive war and allowing Hungary to send a large force to help. These troops played a major role in the battle for Tel Aviv Center District, the Israeli capital, and Central Greece, a high iron region. The USA barely kept the region unsecured as the battle neared the 24-hour mark, but later poured in additional resources and freed the region.

Battle for Macedonia

  • Outcome - Won by Greece
  • Link - Battle for Macedonia
  • Began - 11 June 2009
  • Ended - 12 June 2009
  • Started By - pantherthug89
  • Hero for Greece - Lucius Varenus (-12620)
  • Hero for Turkey - Bong (18777)

Battle for Attica

  • Outcome - Won by Greece
  • Link - Battle for Attica
  • Began - 11 June 2009
  • Ended - 12 June 2009
  • Started By - WahooBob
  • Hero for Greece - Geokos (-4481)
  • Hero for Turkey - BattalGazi (3046)

Battle for Jerusalem district

Battle for Crete

  • Outcome - Won by Turkey
  • Link - Battle for Crete
  • Began - 13 June 2009
  • Ended - 14 June 2009
  • Started By - n00e
  • Hero for Greece - Geokos (-4976)
  • Hero for Turkey - KemanKesh (3557)

Battle for Tel Aviv Center District

Battle for Peloponnese

  • Outcome - Won by Turkey
  • Link - Battle for Peloponnese
  • Began - 14 June 2009
  • Ended - 15 June 2009
  • Started By - beerman616
  • Hero for Greece - zedd1337 (-2438)
  • Hero for Turkey - Admiral Ackbar (2593)

Battle for Central Greece