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Chin Music

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner Longbaugh
Founded May 1, 2009
Subscribers 230
Articles 97
Content Society, War, Politics & Record

 Society, War, Politics & Record 

Chin Music is an American newspaper. It is the oldest gonzo publication in the New World.


Founded in Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA in May of 2009 by Longbaugh, The Long Bow (as it was known before 2012) had been primarily a political newspaper, but eventually branched off into a full spectrum of gonzo coverage. Longbaugh, who still serves as press director, started the newspaper to function as his congressional campaign hub in May of 2009 when he ran in Hawai'i.

After winning the seat Longbaugh used the paper to chronicle his voting record during his time in the 18th United States Congress. When asked why he named the newspaper as such Longbaugh said that it worked as both a way to teach other citizens how to pronounce his name as it also labeled, "An aesthetic on what... in a nutshell, eLife really is... one long bow. A gesture of respect before we're through."

In July of 2009 the newspaper's headquarters were moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and then again to Los Angeles, when California was conquered by Indonesia in August. During this time The Long Bow published articles relating to World War III (Codename: "Operation PIG MAC™") in which PEACE GC squared direct war with ATLANTIS in North America.

Upon his return to Ireland, Longbaugh won a Dublin seat in the Dáil Éireann and relocated the newspaper back to Dublin—where it was a direct report on activities within the Dáil, as well as a periodical observation of Ireland in general. Upon his departure from Ireland Longbaugh moved the publication once again, this time to London.

On Day 1,030 Max McFarland 2 successfully blocked a Ukrainian PTO attempt at the party presidency of Stone Ocean. Longbaugh moved to Pakistan the next day and took his newspaper with him. He used the paper to push the Pakistani war effort in the Fall of 2010 and shut down operations in the aftermath of the war to quest in the Kirthar Mountains north of Karachi.

Longbaugh moved back to the United States in 2012 after returning from a two-year sabbatical in the the mountains of Pakistan. Upon being granted a personal favor from Plato regarding newspaper naming rights he changed the official letterhead to Chin Music, in honor of his favorite past time. Sure enough, though, he would grow tiresome of the political scene in the United States and would return to Pakistan, this time headquartering the newspaper in the metropolis of Lahore.

The periodical lives on as the oldest gonzo journalism publication in the New World.

Icon position press director.gif Literary Archive

18th United States Congress

1. Longbaugh for Hawai'i
2. I am He as You are He as You are Me and We are All Together
3. Congressional Voting Record for the Week of 5/26 - 6/1
4. Congressional Voting Record for the Week of 6/2 - 6/8
5. Congressional Voting Record for the Week of 6/9 - 6/14
6. Re-Elect Longbaugh for Hawai'i
7. Congressional Voting Record for the Remainder of Session
8. I am Out

Post-Congress in America

9. The Losing Battle of Small Parties
10. A Cordial Discussion Amidst Rampant Irrational Anger

In Ireland

11. Hello Ireland!
12. I've Had Just About Enough of This Nonsense
28. For Éire
29. My Post-Election Manifesto
30. Dáil Éireann Voting Record for 11/26 - 12/10
31. Padraig_Pearse is Dead!
32. Dáil Éireann Voting Record for 12/11 - 12/25
33. Dáil Éireann Voting Record for 12/26 - 1/10
34. Fear and Loathing in Ireland
35. Dáil Éireann Voting Record for 1/11 - 1/25
37. Goodbye Jeremy Hutchinson
38. Ireland Interviews GLaDOS
39. Dáil Éireann Voting Record for 1/26 - 2/10
40. A Question for Donovan Thomas
41. Beannacht Éire

Fighting for PEACE GC

13. PEACE is on the March!
14. Indo State
15. Vindication is in the Cards
16. A Severe Case of the Blues
17. The Death Knell
18. Darkplayer82 is Dead!
19. The War Continues!
21. The San Dimas Address
22. All Hail Euphonix! The God of War!

In Indonesia

23. Indonesia, Saya Cinta Padamu
24. An Evening with Longbaugh
25. Ajay Bruno Banned? Who Cares?


20. Longbaugh the Dioist
36. Theocracy is a Disgrace
49. The United Kingdom of Dioism
50. A Dioist Amerika
71. An Open Letter to All Pakistanis
74. Exodus (The 4th Generation)
83. Coming Home, For Dio
95. This Is Dioism

Traveling Abroad

26. Hail Euphonix! (Hungary)
27. An Editorial on Quitters (Russia)

In the United Kingdom

42. Lonely Irish Cow
43. AltmerVampire vs. Karacticus (My Analysis)
44. My Subscriptions
45. The Most Annoying Thing About eRepublik
46. Longbaugh for London
47. Jon Malcom/Joey Jackson Interview Me on the Jon Malcom Show
48. Thank You Ireland!
51. Longbaugh for the West Midlands
52. My Thoughts on Spectrum
53. Harrison Richardson for President!
54. Two Weeks Have Passed
55. House of Commons Voting Record for 4/26 - 5/10
56. My Response to IndieKid and Firejon
57. Vote for Longbaugh, Vote for Victory
58. Our Current Prime Minister
60. I ♥ the Vuvuzela
61. Chris Stanwick is Dying
62. TUP Pride
63. Congratulations America
64. Vote GLaDOS for Prime Minister
65. Prepare Thyself for the Ragequit Parade
66. Introducing Biffco
67. A Presidential Suggestion for eRepublik Rising
68. Dublin is in the Refrigerator
69. Canada, You No Come Round Here
70. Hey Indonesia, Longbaugh is Hungry

In Pakistan

72. Hey, Remember That Guy? (Part 1: Alby)
73. Pardon Me While I Skeet on Your Person
75. Q J Lincoln is Dying: The True End of the Golden Age
76. On the Republic of Macedonia
78. Hail BattalGazi!
79. Election Day 1,060 in Pakistan
80. All I Ever Wanted Was Peace
81. Red 1 Standing By
82. Goodbye, Christopher Hitchens

Back in the USA

84. I'm Running for Congress, For the 16th Time
85. No, Ajay
86. Christmas Day is Judgment Day in America, Are You Ready?
87. Exposing Another AFA Lie
88. Congress is Safe, But Danger Lingers
89. Join the Ultramarines Today!
90. We Are Not Through the Fire Just Yet
91. For Texas. For America.
96. Behold, the (New) Batman!
97. What Is This Halloween Crap?

Citizen of the World

92. Hey, Remember That Guy? (Part 2: Justinious McWalburgson III)
93. The Weekly Challenge
94. Hey, Remember That Guy? (Part 3: Dio Akira)