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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 279
Date of birth 2 February 2010 - Day 805
Residence Chugoku
Sex Male
Political party SOS Brigade
Newspaper Live From Shimonoseki
Military unit Japan|Endless Eight
Position Member
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Born in Osaka region of Kinki, darlo'sworld moved to Hokkaido, where he died in late 2010. After coming back from the dead, Darlo moved to Chugoku.

He was employed by Dragonforce Imperial Airlines. He also runs the Live From Shimonoseki newspaper, formerly known as Za Muudii Nyuusu.

He was a former member of the now extinct Desu Workers' Party.

Death and Rebirth

In late 2010 Darlo left the New World and so his character died. However in November 2012 Darlo resurfaced and rejoined the world. Many things changed in the time he was away, including the occupation of Japan by Taiwan. Darlo's newspaper, (at the time known as) Za Muudii Nyuusu, reflects some of his struggles at using new systems of the world. Now 'Live From Shimonoseki' depicts a range of stories about in game and IRL Japan.


When the Desu Workers' Party merged with the SOS Brigade, Darlo decided at the last minute to run for presidency of the remaining DWP in a bid to try and restore its reputation. Upon a defeat in the election on 16th April 2010 (at a vote of 8:4), the new DWP president transformed the party into the Tea Party, and Darlo left. After coming back from the dead, Darlo joined the country's largest party, the Dai Nippon Party, though shortly after moved to the SOS Brigade.

Work Life

Since being born into the New World, Darlo went through various jobs before settling into working for Food CCA & co. Content as he was with his position, when Food CCA & Co's parent organisation, C.C.A, was " ... permanently suspended for creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts" on 19 April 2010, Darlo was forced to find work elsewhere.

Darlo started working for Dragonforce Imperial Airlines that same day, making Moving Tickets. However, despite maintaining a wellness of over 90, on 26th of April he was fired from the company in a bid to "maximise production" of tickets.

Not a massive loss for Darlo, though, as instantly he found a higher paying job at KantoKatana making weapons. However, after chatting with a friend, Darlo realised that working for a five star company cost a lot of wellness. So after waiting for the grace period to end, Darlo quit his job on 30th of April and started working for HDH Weapons 90+ Well.

After coming back from the dead and noticing the new form of employment system, Darlo became an employee of Squibeel, where he has since continuously worked.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 10x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 3x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 14x Super Soldier
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 6x True Patriot