Democracia Proactiva

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Democracia Proactiva

Party-Democracia Proactiva v3.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Abbreviation DP
Forum Forum
Colors Blue, Orange and White
Founded 14/Jan/2009
Day 421
Dissolved December 2009 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Democracia Proactiva.
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Principles and Values

Democracia Proactiva was a political party of Venezuela, with a political, social and economic tendency of Center-Libertarian party.

It was a political movement that fought for the freedom, social justice, equality and solidarity of the country and in the world. The purpose was to listen and to assist the necessity of the people, through the political and social action into democracy, to govern without exclusion and to transform the society.

Why a center Party? The necessities of the people should be covered, in the mark of a strong economy balanced among political state and private investment.

This Party was:

  • Plural
  • Civic

Defend and seeks:

  • the equality and individual and collective freedom
  • Proactive citizenship
 Democracia Proactiva is synonymous of quality, value, proactivity and ability to critique, all with a sense of constructivism to and towards a better society. That is the DP 
(Casiopea95 (former DP party president))

Vision and Mision

  • Vision:

We imagine Venezuela with full rights and freedoms based on the respect and the democracy, incorporated to the world community in equality of conditions, with a society for all and of opportunities, it prospers and growing, respectful of the political, religious, cultural and economic differences, this society will be agile to adapt to the new realities and tendencies.

  • Mision

Based on our principles and values, we want to assist the necessities of the people through the participation, the debate, the respect to the differences, consensus decision-making, balance and division of powers in order of achieving our country vision.


DP was founded in January 2009, day 421 of the New World by mahernandezg. The call of the foundation was assisted by Zigman and elmango80, these three people have the task of making grow to the party in Venezuela.

January 2009

February 2009

  • the Partido Democratico de Venezuela gave the support to mahernandezg for the next presidential elections, February 2009.
  • mahernandezg won the presidential election with 71.31% of votes
  • DP becomes the 2nd force in the Congress, 11 Congress members elected out of 35 in total

July 2009

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

Party Presidents Period
mahernandezg Jan/09 - Feb/09
elmango80 Feb/09 - Mar/09
Rulefond Mar/09 - Apr/09
mahernandezg Apr/09 - May/09
Cuki May/09 - Jun/09
Micorial Jun/09 - Ago/09
Casiopea95 Ago/09 - Sep/09
Nelber Mora Sep/09 - Oct/09
Jose Manuel Guzman Oct/09 - Nov/09

Icon - Congress.jpg DP Congress Members

January 2009,
4 Members
February 2009,
12 Members
March 2009,
11 Members
April 2009,
2 Members
elmango80 Rulefond mtmt9887 irahima_mr
Zigman aquileslm Rulefond Rulefond
mahernandezg amanuel1971 Zigman
Dodgy Dude JRo* Chomiczkoland*
Casiopea95 amanuel1971
Ibarra Mendez Mirna Marin
elmango80 Lenz*
Mirna Marin Ibarra Mendez
joseA irahima_mr
MagaNANA Manfred Portialamute*
philleft* aquileslm
May 2009,
8 Members
June 2009,
7 Members
July 2009,
10 Members
August 2009,
8 Members
ciampufic* micorial Rulefond Rulefond
hutal* febeso Joanvonsen James Ivy
Zigman Joanvonsen Zolyka9* Micorial
mtmt9887 Marco A** Persian.Iran* Daniel Aristigueta
Jordivicius Ing. Luis Ing. Luis Jose M Guzman
fenixCOL atrin* segawa Nelber Mora
Cuki Rulefond rezsoke* Casiopea95
acerty* irahima_mr Pedro G Gil Morales
Adebisi O*
September 2009,
11 Members
October 2009,
11 Members
jnastasic Kemenyfy
Rulefond Miguel Niemtschik
Luven Joanvonsen
micorial Nelber Mora
Nelber Mora Casiopea95
Jose Manuel Guzman leonelprieto
Andyceg ChristiamVieri
cesar10 Daniel Aristiguieta
Joanvonsen jnastasic
James Ivy Rulefond
Anthony Collins Ing. Luis

* Goldhunters

DP Membership Rules

The members of DP were committed to the following courtesy rules:

  • Respect the Country Constitution
  • Support and to follow our principles, values, mission and vision
  • Respect the Political Adversary
  • Debate any law proposal before voting
  • First propose a debate before proposing a voting
  • Support DP when the party requests you help
  • Be fair

Registering in the DP party commits every member to follow these rules within the Country, within the Party and mainly when in contact with any other people.

DP Against Congress Take Over - Hall Of Shame