Dragons de Glace Dépravés

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Dragons de Glace Dépravés

Dragons de Glace Depraves.jpg

General Information
Country Flag-France.jpg France
Colors Blue and White
Total Soldiers 156
Commanded by eagle One
2nd rahan82
Commanders Sushuki

Dragons de Glace Dépravés is a Icon-France.png French military unit.


Originally it was MU DLB. Following a significant difference of opinion between Jack Sparrow cp (DLB Commander at the time) and some members, MU was split, between those remaining at DLB and those active players who went to found their own unit.

DGD was born under the guidance of 4 main members: eagle One, Sushuki, eMadbul & rahan82, followed by many active players (LRS7, Marianne RF, Sorority, kenshi_alpha, kuja the warrior, kikidawa, bisouq, Nikos132, manuh25, greggv, boulfrite, TAF power, gigilatrik...).