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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

East of England Council
Logo of East of England Council
Owner East of England Council
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Headquarters East of England
Founded June 2009

The East of England Council was created to try and combat the low activity in the region. At the moment the Council is organising several fund-raising events which will take place soon. The current Chairman is Andy Millward.

Council Chairman's

Term Started Term Finished Chairman Number of Terms
July 26th 2009* August 31st 2009* Citizen1626933.jpg Jake Stothard
September 1st 2009 - Citizen1392748 v2.jpg Lionbeard Term 1
October 1st 2009 - Citizen1392748 v2.jpg Lionbeard Term 2
November 1st 2009 - Citizen1392748 v2.jpg Lionbeard Term 3
December 1st 2009 - Citizen1392748 v2.jpg Lionbeard Term 4
January 1st 2010 - Citizen1392748 v2.jpg Lionbeard Term 5
February 1st 2010 - Citizen1691684.jpg Andy Millward Term 1
March 1st 2010 ? Citizen1691684.jpg Andy Millward Term 2

*Due to a change of the election date, Jake Stothard's term was slightly longer.


Below are the East of England's Council positions.


The Chairman is the leading figure of the council. Their job would be to organise and ensure that all jobs are being completed and the rules are not being abused. The Chairman of the council will have to be an active member and capable of leading a group of people fairly.


This role is similar to the Chairman’s, they would advise and help the Chairman organise and run the council fairly. If the Chairman becomes absent, then the Vice-Chairman takes lead role until the Chairman returns. If the Chairman leaves unexpectedly without any reason, and doesn’t return for a week, the Vice-Chairman becomes the new Chairman.

Councillor of Health

The Councillor of Health will provide anyone with health problems advice on how to reach a reasonable wellness, if the council’s funds became comfortable, gifts would be issued to certain members.

Councillor of Entertainment

The councillor of Entertainment is to propose any competitions or games, if the game or competition had a prize, then the Councillor of Entertainment would have to work with the Councillor of Finance for financial backing, this would also need the help of the Councillor of Media and Information to help promote the event.

Abolished Positions

Below are the positions that were abolished on the 30th November 2009 by the East of England Councillors. It can be located here.

Councillor of Finance

The Councillor of Finance is responsible for the council’s budget and spending. They will also be responsible for all purchases for the region. As Councillor of Finance, they will have to approve of anything that will cost the council money they can also stop an event if the costs are too much. The Councillor of Finance will have to have a good understanding of the market system and the economy.

Councillor of Media & Information

The Councillor of Media and Information’s job is to inform people of the council’s decisions in articles, they will also help anyone who is having problems of any sort (health problems will be re-directed to the Councillor of Health).