Eesti Imperiaalne Partei

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Eesti Imperiaalne Partei

Party-Eesti Imperiaalne Partei.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Abbreviation EIP
Newspaper Imperium Estia
Forum Forum link
Colors Red, Golden
Founded Day 1,831
Dissolved Around Day 2,000 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /32 seats, 0%
Orientation Center
Ideology Authoritarian

Eesti Imperiaalne Partei (Eng. Estonian Imperial Party, EIP) was founded from a party created by foreign powers trying to take over Estia. The party has had many leaders but the most prominent has been the party's founder Enrii Lindebaum. Soon after founding EIP managed to gather enough members to stand over Eesti Vabakodanike Partei, becoming the 4th largest party in Estonia.


Estia is the name EIP uses for Estonia in international situations. In Estonian, Eesti is still Eesti. Estia is a name for the Estonian region used in old Latin sources first naming this region. This was preferred over Estonia and the Germanic Estland because of its beauty and similarity to the Estonian naming Eesti.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party President Amount of votes
15 November 2012 Enrii Lindebaum 90%
15 December 2012 vidrik 41.67%
15 January 2013 Enrii Lindebaum 44.44%
15 February 2013 s33vald 77.78%
15 March 2013 Enrii Lindebaum 75.00%
  • Excluded are party presidency changes due to resignation.

Interesting fact

Party was named New Era Estonia and was a subsidiary of British political party New-Era, before becoming EIP.