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Eye am Juan

General Information
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Owner Prince Terence II
Founded September 21, 2009
Subscribers 41
Articles 27
Content Opinions and Views, News, Advertisements, Debates, Announcements, ReportsNationalistic and Patriotic

Eye am Juan, is the official newspaper of Prince Terence II. It was created last September 21, 2009. It is the 40th most subscribed newspaper among 168 circulating newspapers in the Philippines.

About the Newspaper

The name is a combination of the word "Eye" and the phrase "am Juan". The "Eye" represents the newspapers vigilant and alert (that it is why it was called the Eye) stance in the media world. "Am Juan" represents the identity of the Juan, which represents the whole Filipino population. "Eye am Juan" represents the whole the vigilant and alert Filipinos while trying to be proud of their own identity.


Eye am Juan''s tagline is a spoof a real life Television Network in the real life Philippines.

The tagline is: "Eye am Juan, delivering true and unbiased news to Filipinos... and to foreigners too :D... worldwide.".

Recent events

Being part of the only journalist organization of the Philippines, Philippine Press Club, the newspaper was assigned to publish an article in South Africa in November 28, 2009.[1] The assignment was part of the syndication project of the said organization.

As of July 10, 2010, the newspaper ranks 33 among 214 newspapers in the Philippines.


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