National Press Club of the Philippines

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The National Press Club of the Philippines

Ang Pambansang Samahan ng mga Mamahayag ng Pilipinas (Filipino)

National Press Club of the Philippines.jpg
Established: April 26, 2009
Headquarters: Luzon, Philippines
Total Membership: 0
Club Information
Founder: Ariel David Buena
President: TBA
Vice-President: TBA
Club Secretary: TBA
Official Boards
Google Group: Philippine Press Club

The Philippine Press Club ,officially known as The National Press Club of the Philippines, is the only association of news journalists in the Philippines.

It was founded by Ariel David Buena on April 26, 2009.

As of now, it seems like it is a dead club since all of its members are dead but efforts to revive it are currently being undergone.

Goals of the Club

These are the goals of the Philippine Press Club:

  • promote journalism in the Philippines and thereby stimulate the media; and
  • produce the very first batch of Filipino media moguls.


Founding Members


  • + Deceased

Members as of November 2009

On November 26, 2009, the Philippine Press Club came back to its function. And Ariel David Buena, the founder, initiated a membership reactivation of its members and open new applications for the new ones.[1]

These are the current members:


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