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Nationality Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgarian
National rank 15
Date of birth 24 June 2008 - Day 217
Residence Varna
Sex Male
Political party Bulgarian Democratic Party
Newspaper Narodno Delo
President of Bulgaria
6 November, 2008 – 5 April, 2009
Preceded by Krembo
Succeeded by bimba
President of Bulgaria
6 December, 2009 – 5 January, 2010
Preceded by cTaHucJIaB
President of Bulgaria
6 April, 2010 – 5 May, 2010
Preceded by cTaHucJIaB
Succeeded by Melliores
Congressman of Varna
25 Oct, 2008 – 24 Nov, 2008
Party president of Ataka
May 2009 –
Military unit Balkan Platoon
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Garabeda is a citizen of Bulgaria.


His manufacturing skill of over 15, make him a valuable worker. He has been awarded 13 'Hard Worker medals.


Garabeda is one of the most recognized politicians in Bulgaria. He has an illustrious career in Bulgarian politics with 8 terms as a President of Bulgaria. 5 consecutive mandates between November 2008 and March 2009 and he returned in politics in December 2009 as president in relatively close elections against Squall Leonheart & Martin134.
He also served 5 terms as a Congressman in Bulgaria.
He was also a President of Ataka and Bulgarian Democratic Party - political parties in Bulgaria.


Garabeda served in the military forces of Bulgaria, but as reserved officer. His current rank is General and he has 5 Super Soldier medals.
He doesn't fight too much (he has only 400 battles, whereas other soldiers at his age have more than 1500-2000). The main reason for this is that Garabeda is devoted mainly in politics.


Narodno Delo is a popular newspaper published in Bulgaria. It has about 1000 regular subscribers.