Kaige X

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Kaige X

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 76
Date of birth March 2, 2010
Residence Trenton, New Jersey
Sex Male
Newspaper Slice of Life
President of North Korea
February 2011 – March 2011
Preceded by kaycloud
Succeeded by WittErer
President of Japan
October 2011 – December 2011
Preceded by Darshu
Succeeded by Fruitcommando
Military unit Shotgun
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 0.png Chief Master Sergeant

Kaige_X, originally born as Kaigefoh, is an Icon-USA.png American citizen, formerly citizen and President of Icon-Japan.png Japan and Icon-North Korea.png North Korea.


Kaige was elected one time as President of North Korea (March 2011) and two times as the President of Japan (October and November 2011).

In December 2011, he was part of the operation to disrupt the 'JAPAN INCI Party' and remove Istork as party president so Japanese regain the political control over their Congress.

During the career, Kaige was a member of:


Kaige serves as Commander of the Shotgun military unit. In the past Kaige was: