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  • Achievements are represented as icons in a citizen's profile page.
  • An achievement can be gained more than once if the requirements are met multiple times as denoted by the number at the base of the trophy graphic (Trophynumber.png).
  • When you get an achievement, you'll receive money reward.
    • Battle hero medal award depends on division: D1 – Icon-gold.gif 2 GOLD, D2 – Icon-gold.gif 3 GOLD, D3 – Icon-gold.gif 4 GOLD and D4 – Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD.
    • Freedom fighter, Mercenary and True patriot medals will award you with 1,000 currency[1],
    • Hard worker, Media mogul, Congress member, Country President, Campaign hero, Resistance hero, Super soldier, Society builder, Top fighter, Prestige Hunter and Dictator Trainee medals will earn you Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD.
    • Liberator medal gives you Icon-gold.gif 10 GOLD,
    • Sky hero medal gives you Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD,
    • True Dictator medal gives you Icon-gold.gif 50 GOLD,
  • If someone you have invited earns gold any of these achievements, you will receive a reward for inviting that citizen - 10% of their gold (but not 10% of their currency). This amount is not extracted from the initial amount.
When you get a new achievement you'll see a popup.
Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif Freedom fighter: Citizen has defeated a certain amount of enemies in a certain amount of victorious resistance wars by fighting for the resistance force.
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard worker: Citizen has worked for 30 days.[2]
Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress member Citizen has been elected as a Congressmen.
Icon achievement president on.gif Country President: Citizen has been been elected as a Country President.
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media mogul: Citizen has gained 1000 subscribers of his/her newspaper.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle hero: Citizen has dealt the greatest amount of damage for his/her side in one ground battle.
Icon achievement skyhero on.gif Sky hero: Citizen has dealt the greatest amount of damage for his/her side in one aerial battle.
Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif Campaign hero: Citizen has dealt the greatest amount of damage for his/her side in the entire campaign.
Icon achievement resistance on.gif Resistance hero: Citizen has supported a resistance which successfully liberated a region.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super soldier: Citizen has advanced 250 strength points.
Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society builder: Citizen has invited 10 people who have reached at least level 10.
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif Mercenary: Citizen has defeated 25 enemies for 50 different countries.[3]
Icon achievement top fighter on.gif Top fighter: Citizen has been ranked in the Top 100 highest daily influences for 30 different days.
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif True patriot: Citizen has dealt certain amount of damage while fighting for his/her citizenship country.
Icon achievement prestigehunter on.gif Prestige hunter: Top 100 citizens in number of prestige points get this medal on a weekly basis.
Icon achievement dictator trainee on.gif Dictator Trainee: Awarded to a dictator lasting 10 consecutive days in office
Icon achievement true dictator on.gif True Dictator: Awarded to a dictator lasting 30 consecutive days in office
Icon achievement liberator on.gif Liberator: Awarded to the initiator of a successful revolution
Ambasmedal.jpg eRepublik Ambassador - A special badge which denotes ambassador status. It can not be earned easily.
Icon game moderator 1.png Icon game moderator 2.png Icon game moderator 3.png Game Moderator - Special badges which are awarded only to in-game Game Moderators.
Plato foundation.png Plato Foundation Member - A badge added for the members of Plato Foundation Project.
Icon elite citizen.png eRepublik Elite Citizen - A badge which is given after reaching experience level 100 and completing Your mission (I).


  1. Before Day 2,610 (January 12, 2015), the reward for each Freedom fighter, Mercenary and True patriot medal was Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD
  2. Previously, the Hard Worker achievement was given for having worked thirty days in a row.
  3. The citizen can choose which 50 countries he/she wishes to fight for.


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