Kenji Fujimoto

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Kenji Fujimoto

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 449
Residence Kanto
Sex M
Congress member of Japan
Oct.25 2009 – Nov.25 2009
Chairman of Economic Board
Nov. 7 2009 – ?
Preceded by Lauri Mursu
Member of Economic Board
Oct. 5 2009 – Nov. 7 2009
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kenji Fujimoto was born and raised in Osaka where his family has resided for generations. He went to a university in Tokyo and it was there in the region of Kanto he got his start in the business field.


Kenji Fujimoto was Chairman and Founder of Fujimoto Global which operated four (4) businesses in Japan and the United States. Fujimoto Global operated on a the policy idea of prosperity, as it tried not only to build companies and collect profits but also to build communities and improve working conditions. Fujimoto Global also spread this philosophy outside its own organizations encouraging other organizations to adapt the philosophy.


Kenji Fujimoto was elected to the Japanese Diet for his first term during the October 26-November 25 2009 term and represented the citizens of Chubu. He was a member of United Lolies of Japan.

Voting Record Oct 26-Nov-25 term

Proposal Vote Date Link
President Impeachment NO 705
Tax Change: Food NO 705
New Citizenship Fee NO 705
New Citizen Message YES 706
Minimum Wage Change NO 707
Alliance Russia YES 713
Alliance Hungary YES 713
Alliance Malyasia YES 714
President Impeachment NO 714
Tax Change: Weapons NO 714
Donate YES 717
Issue Money YES 718
Trade Embargo (SK) YES 718
Donate NO 719
Donate YES 722

Kenji Fujimoto is also the Chairman of the Economic Board, having taken it over after the Board was dismissed as an official part of the Japanese Government with the election of Dokomo in November 2009.