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Kyler Lee Octan is a Brigadier General and is the Deputy Executive Officer of the United States Army and Commander of the Army's S-3 Department.

Kyler Lee Octan

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Day 483
Residence Florida
Sex Male
Newspaper The American Message
Military unit United States Armed Forces | US Military
Squadron United States Army
Position DXO
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


In The Beginning

When Kyler Lee Octan first joined the game his goal was to become a successful business man. With this goal in mind, he put all his efforts into saving up for a company. Unfortunately, this meant he did not train or fight during his first days because he didn't want to spend money on food or gifts, and didn't realize that you could gain wellness from healing.

KLO Joins The Military

Eventually, out of boredom while waiting to get enough money saved up, Kyler Lee Octan applied for the United States National Guard (not the same as the currently active National Guard). He was accepted and placed in the 2nd Division, known as the "National Guard Training Division," which trained recruits prior to their entry into the military. He stayed there for longer than the expected training time of four weeks because his first couple Platoon Commanding Officers went inactive. Finally, he was able to talk to National Guard officers on the forum so he could be graduated. In this early stage of his military career, Kyler Lee Octan suggested the insignia and the name "The Hellcats" that was chosen for his National Guard platoon, the 12th, and he also created and maintained an Insignia topic where he attempted to catalog all the National Guard insignia and mottoes in one place for reference.

Platoon XO and CO

Soon the National Guard Second Division branched off and became the United States Training Division (now known as the Training Corps). Shortly after the conversion Kyler Lee Octan was promoted to Platoon Executive Officer of the 12th Platoon. Soon after that promotion a new commander was needed for the 11th Platoon, so Kyler Lee Octan was transferred over and became Platoon Commanding Officer there. In the 11th, he trained and processed many recruits as well as strengthened the Platoon's morale by launching various Platoon programs and awards the recruits could work for.

Shortly before the start of World War III, the massive amount of recruits (as much as 40 in the 11th Platoon) and a low amount of spare time caused Kyler Lee Octan to tire of leading the 11th. Therefore he applied to the United States Army, hoping to take a break from leadership as a soldier for awhile. (Ironically, shortly after he left the structural changes that made the Training Division into the Training Corps lowered the burden for a Platoon Officer significantly.) Before he left, the new Commander of the 11th Platoon named the platoon "The Thundercats," similar to the 12th's name "The Hellcats" which Kyler Lee Octan had chose, to recognize Kyler Lee Octan's service in both the 11th and 12th.

Army Life

Kyler Lee Octan started his career in the United States Army in the First Division, Third Platoon, under Oldschooljohnny in early August, 2009. There he suggested the creation of a Platoon Topic (Oldschooljohnny had not yet created one due to his current soldiers' low activity) and participated in the first discussions. Later, while browsing the forums, Kyler Lee Octan saw Fifth Division, Second Platoon Commanding Officer Tresville's practice of giving out various rewards to soldier for good performance. Kyler Lee Octan jokingly said he would like to transfer, but Tresville took it seriously and Kyler Lee Octan was soon transferred to the Fifth Division, Second Platoon (5/2).

In the Second Platoon, Kyler Lee Octan had some trouble getting the required 5/2 Avatar on his forum profile at first. Because he was stuck with his old picture of a U.S. Navy Cruiser for a short period, Tresville gave him the nickname "battleship," because "he loves his avatar."

Eventually, Kyler Lee Octan was promoted to Corporal and assigned the position of "Platoon Wellness Coordinator," which consisted of cataloging the wellness of each member of the platoon everyday.

Reception Battalion and S-3

After serving in the 5/2 for awhile under various Commanders, Kyler Lee Octan was looking for promotion and saw a notice asking for applications to the post of Drill Sergeant. The position involved training and screening the new recruits that came into the Army before their transfer into a Regular Division and promotion to Private. He sent in his application, which was approved, and he transferred to the Reception Battalion (the screening and training division for new recruits) as the Bravo Squad Drill Sergeant. He served as a Drill Sergeant until James Harding, Commander of the Reception Battalion, retired and promoted Kyler Lee Octan to take his place.

The S-3 Department of the Army is the department in charge of Training and Recruitment. The Reception Battalion is a sub-unit of S-3. When the Commander of S-3, Bombonato, was promoted out of the Department, Kyler Lee Octan became in charge of all S-3 operations.

Army High Command

In February of 2010, then CJCS NXNW ordered the division of the Army into two separate branches: Army Group West and Army Group East. To start, the staff departments would be part of a separate body called Army High Command that would provide services to both branches. As S-3 Commander of Army High Command, Kyler Lee Octan trained the recruits for both branches and led a highly successful recruiting drive.

Eventually, Army High Command was divided between the two branches, with Kyler Lee Octan taking some of his S-3 officers with him to Army Group West while the rest went to Army Group East.

To Army Group West and Back Again

In Army Group West, Kyler Lee Octan helped create a new division of S-3 called the Officer Candidate School. This program for Platoon Executive Officer and Commanding Officer candidates has them work with the Reception Battalion recruits and receive mentoring from an O.C.S Instructor. The Reception Battalion and Officer Candidate School were combined into one sub-unit of the S-3 Department called the Infantry Academy, while another, the Recruitment Office, was ready for future expansion.

When the Army Group East re-branded itself as the United States Cavalry, the Army Group West was able to return to the old name of the United States Army. Having made a personal goal of retaining Army traditions, forums, and organizations, this was a welcome change for Kyler Lee Octan.

Kyler Lee Octan served solely as the Commanding Officer (CO) of the S-3 Department until November 12th of 2010, when he was promoted to Deputy Executive Officer (DXO) of the Army. He is currently a Brigadier General and continues to serve as both S-3 Department CO and the DXO of the Army.

Awards and Ribbons

  • 2dtdgrad.png National Guard Second Division/Training Division Graduation
  • Training Corps Officer Ribbon.png Training Division/Training Corps Officer Ribbon
  • Silver service starBronze service starArmy Officer Ribbon.png
    Army Officer Ribbon with Gold Star Gold-service-star-3d.png and Bronze Star Bronze-service-star-3d.png for 15 months service
  • FER Ribbon.png Far Eastern Russia Campaign
  • Turkish Delight Ribbon.png Operation Turkish Delight
  • WWIII Ribbon.png World War Three Campaign
  • Frostbite Ivan Ribbon.png Frostbite Ivan Campaign
  • Hungary Hungary Hippo.png Operation Hungary Hungary Hippo
  • American Campaign in Asia.png American Campaign in Asia
  • Deadcoat.png Operation Deadcoat and French Toast Two: Dover's Revenge
  • Ock.png Operation Captain Kangeroo
  • Three Pillars.png Three Pillars Campaign
  • Red Dusk.png Operation Red Dusk

Military offices
Preceded by
BG George Armstrong Custer
Deputy Executive Officer, United States Army Incumbent