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Libertarians of Erepublik Operational Network


Members 9
Abbreviation LEON
Colors green, red, yellow, blue, white
Formation Aug 14, 2012 (Day 1.729)
Disbanded End of 2012

General Information

LEON, or Libertarians of eRepublik Operational Network was an international friendly pact between some Libertarian parties of the New World.

On Aug 14, 2012 (1.729) 9 parties were members:

Party from Party from Party from
Liberta' eItaliana Icon-Italy.png Greek Independence Party Icon-Greece.png Nova eBiH Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png
Clan Wolf Icon-Canada.png Courant Alternatif Icon-France.png eAlbania Icon-Albania.png
Liberaali Edistyspuolue Icon-Finland.png Turkiye Birlik Hareketi Icon-Turkey.png Partido Democratico Icon-Portugal.png


Art.1 LEON is an international friendship pact between Libertarian parties.

Art.2 The main goal of this pact is to create friendships between the members.

Art.3 The member parties of LEON are committed to helping the other members in the event of citizenship request in their country, according to the laws and the procedures of the country where the citizenship is required.

Art.4 The instrument of communication LEON uses is the channel of chat #L.E.O.N. on the server Rizon.

Art.5 At least every month there will be a summit between the representatives of the member parties.

Art.6 If another party want to join LEON it needs the approval of all the member parties. Every member party has a right of veto.

Art.7 To change this statute it’s necessary a majority of 66% of voters. Each member party may cast only one vote.

Media and Communication

Chat (Rizon.net) - public channel: #L.e.o.n.

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