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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
Date of birth December 2007 (est)
Date of death Q2 2008
Residence Jamtland Harjedalen
Sex Male
Newspaper Erep SIFO
Military rank Icon rank Corporal***.png Corporal***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Lahitraho was a politician, journalist and one of Sweden’s first public statisticians. During his life in the first quarter of 2008 he ran one of Swedens most well-known and subscribed newspapers, Erep SIFO, which featured both daily and weekly statistics and diagrams documenting contemporary financial developments.

Political Career

He also had a modest political career and notably took part in the relatively undocumented political take-over of a small political party, De Liberala GHurkorna, which at the time was run by now banned public annoyance and spammer GHurka.

Lahitraho was elected as serving as a form of temporary party president, changing its name multiple times, calling it: Flashbacks Ungdomsförbund (eng: The Flashback Youth League), and Ny Framtid (eng: New Future). Lahitraho and Ny Framtids main mission centered around a form of deurbanisation, promoting a spread out population rather than one concentrated in regions such as capital Stockholm, Svealand.

Later the party itself was transferred to a group of non-Flashbackian citizens and Lahitraho never returned to active political life.