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Flag of Sweden   Coat of Arms of Sweden

On the map

General Rank 25
Anthem "Du gamla, Du fria"
Motto "För Sverige i tiden" (For Sweden - With the Times)
Language Swedish, English
Population 570
Capital Östersund
Current President Jock Cranley
Political Party Nationalgardet
Currency Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish Krona (SEK)
Minimum salary 0.1 SEK
Average salary 40 SEK
Food bonus 60%
Weapon bonus 40%
Territories 9

Map of Sweden

Last update February 27, 2014

Sweden (Swedish: Sverige German: Schweden Polish: Szwecja Latin: Suécia) lies in the northern and central parts of Europe, and is one of two countries originating from the Scandinavian Peninsula. The capital, Stockholm, is situated on the eastern coast of central Sweden and is a part of the region Svealand. Sweden borders Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Finland, Lithuania and Germany. The main language in Sweden is Swedish, but most citizens of Sweden are very good at English and have no problems communicating with other citizens of Erepublik. In fact, more and more newspapers have decided to switch to English to increase their group of readers.

Until August 2011, Sweden was in a union with Denmark called the Homonavian Union (Homonavia). It's now a part of the Asgard alliance.

Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society

Wiki Link blackbook.jpg History of Sweden

Main article: History of Sweden

Icon allcountries.gif Geography

Sweden consists of 8 original regions, one of which is currently (with Swedish consent) being held by Norway in exchange for the oil in Trondelag.

Icon-Sweden.png Regions of Sweden

The original territory of Sweden is composed of several regions: BohusGotalandGotlandJamtland HarjedalenNorrland and SamelandScaniaSmaland, and Svealand.

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource Map
Jamtland Harjedalen Icon-capital.gif Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Deer.png Deer Region-Jamtland Harjedalen.png
Bohus Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Region-Bohus.png
Gotaland Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Iron.png Iron Region-Gotaland.png
Gotland Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Region-Gotland.png
Norrland and Sameland Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Sand.png Sand (resource) Region-Norrland and Sameland.png
Scania Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Region-Scania.png
Smaland Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Region-Smaland.png
Svealand Icon-Sweden.png Icon - Deer.png Deer Region-Svealand.png

Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Population

The population of Sweden was very small until mid-December 2007 when lots and lots of members from the Swedish ultra-liberal forum Flashback [1]discovered the game and started playing, since then the population boomed and increased with 500+ citizens every month (until May 2008) with a staggering 744 new citizens between January and February. Due to this, Sweden became the first super power in eRepublik.

However, a few months later, in September 2008, Sweden dropped off the top 5 population chart. After that the population continued to dwindle and after the V2 catastrophe, Sweden have had as low as 1500 citizens, currently weighing in at ~1100 (but decreasing again) [2].

50px-Current event marker.jpg Communication




Main article: Graveyard of Sweden

As Sweden is an old nation and was once one of the largest in The New World. It's only natural that some of the oldest citizens have died, and due to this it now exists a small graveyard with honorary mentions of players who have been greatly missed by others.

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Economy

Trade Embargo

Icon-taxes.gif Taxes

The following table shows the tax structure of Sweden.

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Food Q3.png Food 12% 10%
Icon - Weapon Q2.png Weapon 12% 10%
Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Food raw material -
Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Weapon raw material -
Icon - House Raw Materials.png House raw material -
Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
Icon - Moving ticket Q3.png Tickets 1% 25%
Icon - House Q3.png Houses
Icon - Hospital Q3.png Hospitals 1% 1%
Icon - Defense system Q3.png Defense system 1% 1%

For a more updated list, look here.

Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media


Here's a list of the top 5 newspapers in Sweden.

Rank Logo Newspaper Owner Subscribers
1 Helsingborgs Dagblad Christian II 2177
2 Horbladet Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris 1856
3 Gesundheitsanzeiger kopfnuss 1695
4 JeguljasNews JeguljaM 1441
5 TSM Information TSM 1351
Last update: 28 February, 2015

See: Category:Media of Sweden

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Politics

In the beginning...

November 2007

The first Swedish Party ever was Samlokaliseringspartiet that came to life in the late november, the party leader Landie won a landslide victory being the only presidential candidate on December 1st and thus became Sweden's first president. The party today is inactive.

December 2007

At the same date a new party saw the light of day namely Militantsocialistiska Arbetarpartiet which still today is a party to recognize with almost 10% of the votes in the latest election. MSAP is the third largest party in Sweden, with the current leader The Herminator.

Soon after on December 2:nd Högerpartiet (later Piratpartiet) was formed taking the name from a small party in real life Sweden, today the party is Sweden's third largest party in congress with the leader Kapus at the helm.

Only a few days before Christmas, Sweden got a third party which would take the country by surprise. On December 20 the Flashback Sweden party was formed and although they had a rocky start with a party leader that was not interested in his position, the party finally voted in Carradine which in January took place as Sweden's second president in an unprecedented share of the peoples votes.

Right before the end of the year the party Det Nya Sverige was formed and it is today Sweden's fourth largest party. TemplarPaladin became the first party president.

Several smaller parties was also formed in December such as: AnarkoKapitalistisk Front, Grogg, Ultraliberal Front, Sverige i Första Ledet, Akt!va and Ny Framtid.

January 2008

Since Flashback Sweden won the presidential election in Sweden, not many parties have been formed, most of the old ones have changed their names.

January 2009

FBS still has the majority of the congress seats and have done so since the first of january 2008.

But some things have happened over the latest year.

Democrats of New Sweden and LGS have joined forces.
Arbetarepartiet MSAP have lost a huge amount of important politicians and also DNS.
FBS keeps going strong even if they to have lost some politicians, the difference is that they have gained new, not run on old blood.

February 2009' In February a new party were formed in Sweden: FRONT. FRONT was formed by icehacker from the old party Purjolök Ops. Front won 33.33% of the congress election and was 2 votes from winning the president elections from FBS.

September 2009
MSAP is now defunct and has been transformed into the new party Folket

Icon position country president.gif Presidential History

A list of the Swedish Presidents

President Tenure Comments Version
1 59.jpg landie December 2007 January 2008 The First President of Sweden Beta
3 Carradine2.jpg Carradine January 2008 April 2008 Served 3 terms
3 Ziggyzag.jpg Ziggyzag April 2008 June 2008 Served 2 terms
4 Flammbar.jpg Flammbar June 2008 November 2008 Served 5 terms and was the First President of Sweden in V1
5 20081017193225!Danny.jpg Danny November 6 2008 January 5 2009 Served 2 terms V1
6 Toothpaste200.jpg Toothpaste January 6 2009 March 5 2009 Served 2 terms
7 Algaroth.jpg Algaroth March 6 2009 May 12 2009 Served 2 terms
8 Bird-Eagle.gif Kalle Holm May 12 2008 June 2008
9 Jb.jpg jbmalin June 6 2008 July 5 2009
10 Algaroth.jpg Algaroth July 6 2009 July 10 2009 Impeached
11 Roteda.jpg Roteda July 10 2009 August 5 2009 Ascended via impeachment
12 St00r.jpg St00r August 6 2009 November 5 2009 Served 3 terms
13 Images0640871.jpg shoot November 6 2009 December 5 2009
14 731d7e6c0dceef053dd0986e055eef0c.jpg Rydekull December 6 2009 January 5 2010
15 Ff30576f8c597db8939bdd24e8f1b280.jpg Dandersson January 6 2010 February 5 2010
16 999001.jpg Meleni February 6 2010 April 5 2010 Served 2 terms
17 Icehacker.jpg icehacker April 6 2010 May 5 2010
18 999001.jpg Meleni May 6 2010 June 5 2010
19 Citizen1424503.jpg SwedenCitizen June 6 2010 July 5 2010
20 CarlBildt.jpg Per-Otto July 6 2010 July 23 2010 First Swedish President in V2, Impeached V2
21 Citizen1116801.jpg Radsoc July 24 2010 August 5 2010 Ascended via impeachment
22 St00r.jpg St00r August 6 2010 September 5 2010
23 Images0640871.jpg pafepo September 6 2010 October 5 2010 Player shoot's 2nd account
24 Carradine2.jpg Carradine October 6 2010 October 27 2010
25 Citizen3322154.jpg Beharede October 28 2010 November 5 2010 Ascended via impeachment
26 Bebis.jpg Valnad November 6 2010 May 5 2011 Served 6 terms
27 Citizen2594.jpg Lonestar May 6 2011 July 5 2011 Served 2 terms
28 08df0a2c2908ab17f2c136e96d401b2e.jpg w3st3rb3rg July 6 2011 September 5 2011 Served 2 terms
29 KonkelBaer.jpg Konkelbaer September 6 2011 November 5 2011 Served 2 terms
30 Jim Parsons.jpg Jim Parsons November 6 2011 January 5 2012 Served 2 terms
31 Bebis.jpg Valnad January 6 2012 March 5 2012 Served 2 terms
32 Snaskefar.jpg Snaskefar March 6 2012 April 5 2012 Served 1 term
33 Thaimat.jpg Thaimat April 6 2012 May 5 2012 Served 1 term
34 W3st3rb3rg.jpg W3st3rb3rg April 6 2012 May 5 2012 Served 1 term
35 Dalze.jpg Dalze May 6 2012 June 5 2012 Served 1 term
36 Volcker.jpg Volcker June 6 2012 July 5 2012 Served 1 term
37 WolfHeinrichvonHelldorf.jpg Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf July 6 2012 November 5 2012 Served 4 terms
38 Plams.jpg Plams November 6 2012 December 5 2012 Served 1 term
39 Daariil.jpg Plams December 6 2012 January 5 2013 Served 1 term
40 W3st3rb3rg.jpg W3st3rb3rg January 6 2013 February 5 2013 Served 1 term
41 Intyala.jpg Intyala February 6 2013 May 5 2013 Served 3 terms
42 Kapitalisten.jpg Kapitalisten May 6 2013 June 5 2013 Served 1 term
43 Mr W.jpg Mr_W June 6 2013 - Current president

Icon position party president.gif Parties

A list of the current parties in Sweden.

Logo Name Abb. Orientation current
Party President
% of
Party-Flashback Sweden.jpg Flashback Sweden FBS Center, Libertarian Kapitalisten 136 6 31.58%
Party-Folkhemsdemokraterna.png Folkhemsdemokraterna FHD Center-Left, Libertarian lordkrall 25 1 5.26%
70px Nationalgardet NG Center-right, Libertarian Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf 140 7 36.84%
Party-Folket.png Militantsocialistiska Arbetarepartiet MSAP Far-left, Libertarian Ormen 52 2 10.53%
Party-Gamlingarna.jpg Gamlingarna ' Center, Libertarian franXter 9 0 0%
ImperialistiskDiktatur.jpg Imperialistisk Diktatur ID Far-right, Totalitarian Kapten Klitoris 31 3 15.79%
ImperialistiskDiktatur.jpg Imperialism 4 All ' Far-right, Totalitarian Alexander36 15 0 0%
Party-FRONT.jpg FRONT ' Center-right, Authoritarian Essess 4 0 0%
TheNewLunarRepublic.jpg The New Lunar Republic NLR Center-left, Libertarian Essess 4 0 0%
IndustriUnionen.jpg Industri Unionen ' Center-right, Libertarian Biic 2 0 0%

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

The Swedish Congress.

The congress is built around 2 parts:

  1. "Regeringen" (The Government)
  2. "Riksdagen" (The Congress)

The Congress has 19 Members, from the 5 biggest Parties.

36.84% 31.58% 10.53% 15.79% 5.26%
7 6 2 3 1
55px Party-Flashback Sweden.jpg Party-Folket.png ImperialistiskDiktatur.jpg Party-Folkhemsdemokraterna.png

The Government

Rosenbad, this is where the Swedish government spends the time between recesses.

In the Government there may be some people who are not congressmen, but still have access to the most secret places in http://www.erepublik.se 34 members on Erepublik.se have access to this part. Most of the decisions are made here, but only congressmen have the right to vote.

The President of Sweden chooses who will have access, unless you are a congressman.

Current Swedish government

Office(s) Name Party
President Mr_W Nationalgardet
Vice President Kapten Klitoris Imperialistisk Diktatur
Minister of Defense Alfons Haschberg Flashback Sweden
Supreme Commander Veritas Aequitas Nationalgardet
Minister of Finance C.Nilsson Imperialistisk Diktatur
Vice Minister of Finance Umut MSAP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kain Propan Nationalgardet
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf Nationalgardet

Swedish Embassy and Ambassadors

Swedish embassy is seen as an extension to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all diplomats, consuls and all ambassadors from the country answers and reports to the Swedish Minister of foreign affairs. For more information and list of ambassadors see Embassy of Sweden.

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Military

The Swedish fighter JAS Gripen.
Main article: Swedish Military

Currently, Sweden still stands as one of the greatest military powers in eRepublik with an average strength of 5.13.

The armed forces of Sweden fall under the administration of Minister of Defence Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf and Supreme Commander, Enenra. Under this administration, the forces are divided into two elements – TSM-Hugin and TSM-Munin (named after the norse god Odin's ravens). The operational responsibility is delegated to a group of experienced and active Commanders.

The Swedish Military and its newspaper Försvaret is the formal way of public orders and information to the public.

Icon-pact.gif Alliance

Main article: Asgard

Sweden has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nation(s):

Fight-war.gif Current Wars

Sweden is currently at war with:

Icon-war.png Military History

See also: ATLANTIS

Icon-Sweden.png Icon-Denmark.png The Öresund War or Sweden-Denmark War

The Öresund War broke out April 21, 2008 when Swedish tanks rolled into Hovedstaden, and ended April 23, 2008. The war was spurred on by the Danish President Grev Per who insulted the Swedish people by calling them Homo-swedes, which they thought was a kind of ape. Critics in Sweden took this act as a way to provoke a full scale assault on Danish soil, to make the International Brigades arm themselves and send aid to Denmark. Though, this plan failed and the Swedish army marched into Vejle only one day after the attack at the capital. On the third day of the war, the Danish forces surrendered and Sweden declared the annexation of Denmark.

Icon-Sweden.png Icon-Germany.png Sweden-Germany War

Sweden attacked Germany May 1, 2008 and the war ended May 20, 2008, Sweden won. Germany was later given back some of their land in exchange of agreeing to these terms.

  • Sweden and Germany shall have peace and the regions of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt shall once again be 'German'.
  • Sweden and Germany is to have a MPP
  • Germany shall not have an MPP with any other country but Sweden
  • Sweden and Germany shall have an NAP
  • Sweden and Germany shall have a trade agreement with a 0% Trading Tax
  • Germany is to pay Sweden a total sum of 500 gold over a period of 4 weeks; 125 gold per week, starting this week.


Swedish soldiers advancing towards Berlin.

Icon-Sweden.png Icon-Germany.png Second Sweden-Germany War

The second war against Germany was caused by Germany breaking the contract they had with Sweden. The war broke out July 18, 2008 and ended with Sweden winning the war on July 28, 2008.

Icon-Sweden.png Icon-Germany.png Third Sweden-Germany War

The Third Sweden-Germany War began on May 18, 2009 a declaration of war by Swedish president Kalle Holm on Germany.

During the swedish presidential elections of May, KalleHolm promised a war with Sweden to get revenge for Operation Burning Spirit. KalleHolm was then voted Swedish president on may 5th 2009. For weeks rumors went around about a war between Sweden and Germany, however these were not taken serious. Then on May the 17th Sweden declared war on Germany and immidiately attacked Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the 18th of May. Sweden retreated just 20 minutes into the fight.

Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Citizen-shape.gif Migration and New Players

Sweden is a world leading country within the migration and education sector. eSweden has several organisations working hard to increase the population of the country and as well help new players with questions and as well teach them how to play erepublik. The migration and education sector is still under development and it's clear that eSweden cares for new players.

Organisations and Projects within the sector

Official Organisations:

Migrationsverket, Utbildningsverket, Mentor Sverige

Projects: Atlantis Migration, Lärlingsprogrammet, Återvinningspolicy

Others: The Helping Hand, Svea Charity

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