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General Information
Country Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech Republic
Founded 2009
Dissolved February 2010 (est)
President riteee
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Czech Party for Change
Succeeded By Disapeared after Czech was conquered
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The party Nezavislost was third placed in the ranking of Czech Republic.

The party was founded by Franz Kafka. Franz Kafka was its first and third President, the second being Stadler City a Take Over candidate from Hungary.

In first few months the party suffered a series of takeovers so they could not grow as they started to do.


Events in 2009 by months:

  • February: Party President: Franz Kafka
  • March: Party President: Stadler City then (following resignation of Stadler City) Franz Kafka
  • April: President Party: riteee; Radim becomes the first President as a candidate from Nezavislost
  • May and June: Another Nezavislost presidential candidate, Franz Kafka, become President
  • July: Nezavislost presidential candidate DaLe cames second on the elections; but becomes interim President after Radim was impeached
  • August: Nezavislost presidential candidate DaLe again cames second on the elections
  • September: Nezavislost presidential candidate Jan Khysl shares second place on the elections (actually he was third due to having less EP
  • October: DaLe finally wins on the Presidential elections, as only candidate on the elections
  • November: DaLe gets re-elected as the country President
  • December: Nezavislost presidential candidate Weinfass cames third on the elections


  • January: Nezavislost presidential candidate Weinfass cames second on the elections
  • February: John Locked, supported by Nezavislost, wins the elections for the President

In February 2010, party disappeared when Czech Republic was lost. It had 32 members in total.

Other important members

  • duke winter - served as a party president; term unknown
  • Vit Ruzicka - served several times as member of Congress