Operation Eagle Strike

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Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

The way Martin Sunter had planned to overthrow USA:

Image of Sunter when he learned that his plan had gone public

Phase 1: Martin Sunter is elected as president of USA before christmas. Six members of Libertarian Party known as The Philosophers will be elected as mayors in these regions Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and California.

Phase 2: By now the V1 should have been released. Sunter will provide each of The Philosophers with enough money to rebel and create a new nation. Now Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and California are free. Ikenstein, now be the President of California renames it to Eden.

Phase 3: Liberation wars began. Ikenstein will lead Eden to war against Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. With the co-operation with the other Philosophers Eden conquers the nations while the USA is backing Eden in somehow.

Phase 4: Eden is almost in it's full size. Next target is Mexico. Then Indonesia.

Imagined map of Eden(red)

All documents about Operation Eagle Strike are still not discovered.