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Operation Spiderman took place on March 15, 2010, in South Korea, and was a collective effort by members of a forum called Facepunch Studios to vote both their supported candidates into the parties In My Pants and Project for a New Korea.


The plan was set in motion in order to prevent any Goons, members of Something Awful, from gaining any party president seats, which would then allow them to get their members into congress. The Facepunchers claimed that the Goons were a threat to South Korea, and announced that they would be running a candidate in the Goon party called In My Pants.

Just before election day, however, the Goons submitted a candidate in Project for a New Korea, and thus the Facepunchers would have to split up their votes in both parties in order to make sure the Goons could take neither.


The Facepunchers managed to vote monkey111 into office in the party In My Pants as well as securing Arjay Phoenician as party president of Project for a New Korea.


Operation Spiderman was the codename for the plan. It alluded to the scene in the movie Spiderman, where Peter Parker had to choose between saving Mary-Jane or the train carrying passengers that was going to crash. He ended up saving both, just as the Facepunchers voted both their supported candidates into office.

Operation Batman

Operation Batman was an alternate name that would have been used if the plan had failed. It alluded to the scene in the movie the Dark Knight, where Bruce Wayne had to choose between saving Harvey Dent or Rachel Dawes, and failed at both.