Partai Komunis eIndonesia

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Partai Komunis eIndonesia

General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation PKeI
Founded May 2010
President mas marco kartodikromo
Members 183
Congress Occupancy 6 seats, 15%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Anarchist

Partai Komunis eIndonesia is a political party in Indonesia.


Vision: Make eIndonesia guarantee similarity in social and economic on that population Mission: Defend newbie and worker from another citizen injustice and arogant citizen.

Paragraph 1

Party President: who has given mandate for moderate the party and ensure running the party policy.

Paragraph 2

Obligations / Chairman rights: In carrying out their duties head of the party has the right and obligation to establish / designate cadres with or without the approval of cadres to work in mecapai head of the mission and vision PKeI, as follows

  • Have the right preogratif appointed head of Bureau and DPD
  • have priority rights preogratif appoint members kongress
  • have the right to form a new unit of the progress of the party's vision and mission

Paragraph 3

Department Chairman of the period: The head of the department not more than 1 time for a period of mejamin process kaderisasi and selection process conducted in accordance with the applicable

Paragraph 4

Chairman Kader Party candidate who successfully selected through a nomination process that is set as follows:

  • cadres from the right candidates
  • candidates from the senior cadre
  • candidates from the cadres at informant previously head of the party

Paragraph 5

Kader Pkei freedom of speech and respect freedom of opinion supports a healthy and smart and articles in the media

Party President

Term Party President
May 2008
June 2008
July 2008
August 2008
September 2008
October 2008
November 2008 castaway
December 2008 wowox
January 2009 drestajumena
February 2009 aranigr
Maret 2009 math40masterkedua
April 2009 drestajumena
May 2009 putraordie
June 2009 eMortal
July 2009 Theblackdeath
August 2009 nugelobudug
September 2009 cogito ergo sum
October 2009 dhiarkh
November 2009 Ostin
December 2009 Ostin
January 2010 roy_f
February 2010 ccm_maniac
March 2010 nugeloblegug
April 2010 bangureh
Mei 2010 Dendi Uzumaki
June 2010 strangers
July 2010 Manyang
August 2010 Sjam
September 2010 Cutiechan
October 2010 the_world
November 2010 Rifqithegreatz
December 2010 KillHardy
Januari 2011 Tinker bella
Februari 2011 ccm_maniac
Maret 2011 PurpleQueen
April 2011 Ngabeng
Mei 2011 Yodi Arli Wandio
Juni 2011 Badut Perjuangan
Juli 2011 Lonely Christine
Agustus 2011 Decisiv
September 2011 Imobil
Oktober 2011 Clara Jean
November 2011 Xathria
Desember 2011 Gavin Gembul
Januari 2012 Cimporong
Februari 2012 Princessinside
Maret 2012 Shen Gaoren
April 2012
Mei 2012
Juny 2012
July 2012 WangDimi