Parti Rakyat eMalaysia

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Parti Rakyat eMalaysia

Party-Parti Rakyat eMalaysia.png
General Information
Country Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malaysia
Abbreviation PReM
Website PReM Website
Forum PReM Forum
Colors Red
Founded 18 August 2012
Dissolved 16 July 2015
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds eMalaysian Unity Front
Succeeded By Brothers in Arms
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Parti Rakyat eMalaysia was a social democratic party based in Malaysia. It strived to unite Malaysians who are sincere about building a progressive, democratic and united Malaysia. It was the largest political party in eMalaysia. In July 2015 it was disbanded when Brothers in Arms soldier, Radu1525, won elections for the party president.


Party's History

The party's original name was Malasya New Forces which was established by Hanisah pot. Firebourne won the Party President election on 15th August 2012, which saw pto-ers competing for Party President election for all parties. However, it was seen that the pto-ers did not react during the election period and the pto-ers lost 4 parties in eMalaysia.

The party was renamed to eMalaysian Unity Front by Firebourne on 15th August 2012. However, due to lack of public interest and low popularity, Firebourne decided to rebrand the party again by relaunching the party as Parti Rakyat eMalaysia on 18th August 2012.

The function and purpose of the party is to encourage unity among eMalaysians who come from different backgrounds and guide newbies to survive in the eWorld.

After serving for 3 terms, Firebourne had decided against re-contesting for the Party's President post after having helm the position for three full terms. Amli Nujhan had successfully won the party election held on 15th November 2012.

The party won 40% of the votes in the congress elections, giving them 4 seats. sir arianfar fv won the party election on 15th November 2012, despite having the same number of votes as his competitor, Monkeyboom Yau, 10 votes each candidate, due to nominating himself earlier than Monkeyboom Yau.

On 22nd December 2012, Party President, sir arianfar fv had decided to resign as the Party President due to being pressured by party members. He had been alleged to have bought some votes in the Party President election, but never proven.

Party Presidents

President Started Final
Firebourne 18 August 2012 15 November 2012
Amli Nujhan 15 November 2012 15 December 2012
sir arianfar fv 15 December 2012 22 December 2012
Atsalenios 22 December 2012 15 February 2013
ktvoja 16 February 2013 15 March 2013
Nerzhu1 16 March 2013 15 May 2013
One9 16 May 2013 15 June 2013
Mohd Sufian 16 June 2013 15 July 2013
Mr.FaridRaffi 16 July 2013 15 August 2013
Marcotje 16 August 2013 15 September 2013
mhifzan 16 September 2013 15 November 2013
sir arianfar fv 16 November 2013 15 December 2013
mhifzan 16 December 2013 15 April 2015
Yao Xuan 16 April 2015 15 May 2015
mhifzan 16 May 2015 15 July 2015

Former Party Logos

Logo Start Use Last Used Changed by Reason for change
Party-Parti Rakyat eMalaysia v2.png 18 August 2012 25 October 2012 Firebourne The logo was regarded as very radical left


Our aim is to provide leaders, not politicians

Often times, political parties have a tendency of forgetting that their jobs is to serve the people. This is why Parti Rakyat eMalaysia aims to be different from the rest. We are continuously on the look out for capable people to lead eMalaysia in eRepublik. The people of eMalaysia need leaders, not politicians to help them with their daily problems in eRepublik.

People's welfare over self-interest

Parti Rakyat eMalaysia aims to focus on developing newbies, protecting the welfare of the people and making sure that the public interest is not sacrificed for the sake of short-term success of the party. We recognize that to do these things, we need to sacrifice a lot so that the future generations can enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Balancing act comes from sincerity, hard work and integrity

We know and we are aware that its always easy to come up with things that people always want to hear. We also know that doing these things may be costly for the economy. We also often hear that people claim that left-wing policies are not progressive for the economy. We are determined as ever to prove these people wrong. We know and we recognize that allowing the gap between the rich and poor can be far damaging to the economy and we need to address such issues.

Equality as part of our culture

eMalaysia today is made of people from various backgrounds due to the country's history. eMalaysia have been pto-ed (political take over) far too many times and many eMalaysians have left the game since or moved to another nation due to being bored of such childish game play. However, we know that there people out there who are sincere about helping eMalaysia progress as well. Why can't such people be part of our society if they can contribute in making eMalaysia a better nation without the need to resort to dirty game play?

Focusing on the issues

Obviously, the party's main priority is always going to be issues faced by the average eMalaysian. Worker's right. Equality. Freedom. Civil liberties. Education. Parti Rakyat eMalaysia, being a social democratic party say that it is imperative to take of the rights of the common person by providing them equal opportunities. We hate to see abuse and unfair game play done by irresponsible players with selfish interests. After all, we are all here to have good fun, but not at the expense of others.



We believe that the loyal citizens of eMalaysia deserve every right to voice their opinion. We condemn any act to drown the voice of the general population by creating "multis". Such acts should not be tolerated at all. Our focus is to give room to any sincere citizen to voice their opinion about their belove eNation.


Though we believe that national security is important, we feel constantly going to war will cause the young new players not have the interest to compete at the highest level. Which is why we aim to develop them and ensure that they remain interested in playing the game. They must not lose the hope that they can't compete with the big boys. Experienced players already have the advantage of being on top. The young players should be given the opportunity to rise to the top as well by giving them as much support as they need.


We know and understand that many eMalaysians get bored with wars locally and just rather travel to other eNations to fight in wars. We also know that eMalaysia has a habit of calling training wars during critical times, especially when congress elections are near. In the end, we end up having a congress due to the war. Due to this, eMalaysia ends up being under a dictator. Sometimes, things like that happen near the Country President's election as well. We always believe that the best time to call for training war is after the Country President's election but before Congress elections, which has a window of nearly two weeks.


Party-Parti Rakyat eMalaysia.png

  • Fist: Symbolizes people's power, reflecting on the party's stand as representing the people
  • Three Stars: Symbolizes the three regions of eMalaysia namely Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak
  • Red: The colour that reflects social democracy & determination to put the people first


Government of the people, by the people, to the people

The party's main purpose and culture to put the people's interest first before anything else, reflecting that the party is forever there to voice out the people's voices.

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