Defunct Malaysian Parties

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Logo Party Description
Party-The Anarcho-Capitalistic Party.png The Anarcho-Capitalistic Party Malaysia's 1st Political Party. Succeeded by the Malaysian National Party
Party-Malaysian Dragon.jpg Malaysian Dragon Thai Democratic Party → Malaysian Dragon → Malaysian Tiger → This Party Is Over → Movement for Fakes' Rights → The New Federal Unity Party → Centralist Partisanship Party → Lol Serbia Party → ExoM7's Lair of Pleasures
Party-Mudkip Workers Party.jpg Mudkip Workers Party Formerly known as The Well Hung Parliament
AA.jpg Adeptus Custodes Chronology : Strong Independent Malaysia → Adeptus Custodes → Party For Sale → Democratic Malaysian Party → Banana Party → Dlakavi kanarinci → Parti Militia Hang Tuah → Adeptus Custodes
UPP.jpg United People's Party Chronology : People's Progressive Party → Malaysian People's Party → United People's Party
Libertarian.jpg Libetarian Party Chronology : the Independent Party → Laissez-Faire Party → Free Market Libetarian Party → Malaysian Nationalist Movement
Buddhist.jpg The Buddhist Party A minor party. Last President was Collinar who renamed it as Collinar Rocks Party
Party-Pakatan Rakyat.gif Pakatan Rakyat The party is gone from Malaysia when Serbia wiped the nation off the map
Party-Federal Unity Party.jpg Federal Unity Party CfM → Solidarity → Malay Action Party → Malaysian Action Party → Malaysian-Thai Unity Party → Federal Unity Party
The party is gone from Malaysia when Serbia wiped the nation off the map
Party-Democratic People's Party.jpg Democratic People's Party Succeeded Democratic Action Party. The party is gone from Malaysia when Serbia wiped the nation off the map
Party-Malaysia Revolution Party.png Malaysia Revolution Party Ma1aysia → Malaysia Revolution Party.

Ma1aysia was a party established by a group of pto-er. Izzat Fuhrer took over and converted the party into a far-left, anarchist party.

PSR.jpg Parti Sosialis Bersatu Peace and Freedom PartyeMalaysian Welfare Party → Party Hard Party → Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia → Parti Sosialis Bersatu

Thai parties during the Malaysia-Thailand Merge

1) International Socialist and Communist Party(Democratic People's Republic)
2) Eesti eVabariigi Erakond (Democratic Party of Estonia)
3) Who Wants This Party/The Social Action Party/The Michael Lewis Fanclub
4) Thai Military Party(Mathai Military Party)
5) Thai Sabai Reform Party
6) Progress & Liberty Party

Historical names of current political parties

Logo Party Former Names
Party-eMalaysian Democratic Union.png eMalaysian Democratic Union Parti Kemajuan eMalaysia → eMalaysian National Party → Parti Kemajuan eMalaysia → Mana eMalaysia → eMalaysian Democratic Union
Party-Free Malaysian Party.jpg Free Malaysian Party Parti Demokrat Sosial → Kelab Pencinta Alam → Kelab Peminat Seanlam → Fundamentalists Party → eMalaysian Liberal Party → Maleyza Pijama Partisi → Kesatuan Masyarakat eMalaysia → Free Malaysian Party
Party-Parti MALINDO.jpg Parti MALINDO Sarikat Kebangsaan eMalaysiaParti MALINDO
Party-Parti Rakyat eMalaysia.png Parti Rakyat eMalaysia Malasya New Forces → eMalaysian Unity Front → Parti Rakyat eMalaysia

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