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The PEACE Global Community (formally People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence: Global Community, known colloquially as PEACE GC) is a worldwide defensive military alliance consisting of all former FIST member nations as well as many former Mediterranean Alliance and PANAM members. In May 2009, PEACE defeated its rival alliance, ATLANTIS after nearly seven months of world war. (More...)


The PEACE Global Security Council is the governing body of the PEACE Global Community. Its powers include the ability to raise soldiers for the Global Community PEACEKeeping Force, the ability to vote to admit new members to the Global Community, and to declare war. It is made up of one Representative and two Advisory Representatives from each nation, as well as Representatives-Emeritus and the Secretary-General. (More...)


The "Alianza HispanoAmericana", translated as "Hispanic-American Alliance" is a regional alliance for Latin American nations. It has nine official members. AHA's objective is to integrate Latin American countries' economic and military aspects to make Latin America a stronger region in the game. AHA is based on the real life European Union. (More...)


The Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community is the democratically elected leader of the Global Community and commander of the PEACEKeepers. The Secretary-General acts as a spokesperson for the alliance. Like all political positions in eRepublik, the Secretary-General is elected for a one-month term. (More...)


The Global Community PEACEKeeping Forces, also known as PEACEKeepers, are the multinational armed forces of the PEACE Global Community, consisting of soldiers from all member nations. The Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community is the supreme commander of the PEACEKeepers per Clause 7 of the PEACE Charter. (More...)