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Welcome to the PEACE Global Community Portal

An Comhphobal Domhanda—Wereldwijde Gemeenschap—Globalnej Wspólnoty—Comunidade Global—Comunitate Globala
Мировое Сообщество—Међународна Заједница—Globala Gemenskapen—Dünya Topluluğu—Cymuned Fyd-Eang

The PEACE Global Community (People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence: Global Community) is the largest and strongest active military alliance in the New World. Founded on August 26, 2008 by the Presidents of Pakistan, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Iran, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, Venezuela, Brazil, and the Netherlands, the PEACE Global Community replaced the Formidable International Security Treaty (FIST) and a majority of the Mediterranean Alliance, while the remaining members of the Mediterranean Alliance coalesced with the members of the Northern Alliance to form ATLANTIS. The PEACE Global Community was founded on the ideals of peace and defense, and has devoted much focus to maintaining alliance-wide goodwill and unity.

Globale Gemeinschaft—Globální Společenství—Globalt Samfund—Ülemaailmne Kommuun—Globális Közösség
Communauté Internationale—Παγκόσμια Κοινότητα—Komunitas Global—ارتباط جهانی‌—Maailmanlaajuinen Yhteisö

Map of the Global Community
A Brief History of PEACE
From their twin inceptions, PEACE and ATLANTIS were pitched against each other. First, in the Ibero-American War, PEACEKeepers from Portugal flooded into Mexico to prevent a Spain-funded invasion of the Latin American country. Immediately afterwards, Romania declared war on Hungary which sparked World War I after nations from both alliances threw their weight into the battle. In Western Europe, ATLANTIS troops attempted unsuccessfully to invade France in Operation French Toast. Later, Romania began to beat back Indonesia, pushing them out of parts of China, Pakistan, and India until, in the closing days of the Great War, PEACEKeepers from Indonesia, Hungary, and all other PEACE nations turned the tables on ATLANTIS and drove Romania out of Asia and eventually back to her original borders. After the war, PEACE and other groups returned sovereignty to nations that had formerly been dissolved into the Romanian and Norweigan Empires, including Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. These cataclysmic events sparked the dissolution of ATLANTIS, which was only solidified when, days later, Sweden declared war on fellow ATLANTIS member Germany.
Selected article
The PEACE Global Security Council is the governing body of the PEACE Global Community. Its powers include the ability to raise soldiers for the Global Community PEACEKeeping Force, the ability to vote to admit new members to the Global Community, and to declare war. It is made up of one Representative and two Advisory Representatives from each nation, as well as Representatives-Emeritus and the Secretary-General. (More...)
Selected biography
Zocky is a former President of South Africa, Field Marshal, and served as the Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community for three months, making him the longest serving Secretary-General in PEACE history. His term began at the end of Arthk's first term in March 2009 and ended with the re-election of Arthk in June 2009. During his Secretary-Generalship, PEACE defeated ATLANTIS by breaking Romanian resolve and driving their empire back to its original borders. (More...)
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