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Nationality Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonian
Date of birth 29.05.2009
Day 556
Date of death May 2010
Residence Estonia
Sex Male
Congress member of Estonia
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Robeche was a citizen of Estonia.

Robeche history

Robeche, was born on 29.05.2009 in Central Croatia, few days after he moved to Estonia to work in his friend's company. Months passed, and with the citizenship update he moved back to Croatia, where he tried to run for congress few times, but unluckily, he didn't get enough support. Somewhere in October, he got really ill and nearly died. After that period he made a big change in his life and moved back to Estonia as a totally new person. Few weeks after his arrival he started his first company.

Robeche residencses

  1. Croatia
  2. Estonia

Companies where Robeche worked

  • W.R.B.M - Muffin Snipers

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 7x Hard Worker.


Parties that Robeche has belonged to:

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 2x Congress member.


Viva La World, later known as W.R.B.M, was the newspaper owned and published by Robeche.