Royal Artillery

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Royal Artillery

Royal Artillery.png

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region London
Colors Dark Blue and Red
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of British Army

Royal Artillery was the British Army's Artillery branch.


General Officer Commanding, Royal Artillery
From To GOC RA
21st April 2010 Staff-General.png General Steven Mack
Staff-General.png General George Norfolk
Staff-General.png General Andalas
Staff-General.png General Tlawson2310
Staff-General.png General Mr Woldy

5th Regiment

At one point, it's Lieutenant Colonel was Sir Mic and his Major was Dr Duncan.

12th Regiment

From Lieutenant Colonel.png Lieutenant Colonel Army-Major.png Major
Day 887 Skillz88 Greatmoff
Day 930 Ayame Crocodile
Day 938 C B Fry

19th Regiment


  • On April 24th 2010, Andalas was appointed the first Lieutenant Colonel of the 19th Regiment and Radishhead was appointed to the position of Major.
  • In late April 2010, the '19th Regiment Royal Artillery' org was set up and the 'Daily Shell' regimental newspaper was established.
  • On May 31st 2010, the 19th Regiment became the first Royal Artillery regiment to achieve a 100% discipline rating on the military hub.
  • On June 5th 2010, Andalas was promoted into the SAS. Radishhead was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Skilz88 was appointed to the position of Major.
  • On June 13th 2010, the 19th Regiment became the first Royal Artillery regiment to gain a battle honour
  • On July 26th 2010, the 19th regiment command was disbanded in a military reshuffle.
  • On July 29th 2010, Homunclus was appointed to the position of Lieutenant Colonel in the 19th Regiment. Pineapple64 was appointed Major.

Officers History

  • July 29th 2010 - :Lieutenant Colonel Homunclus/Major Pineapple64
  • June 5th - July 26th 2010: Lieutenant Colonel Radishhead/Major Skillz88
  • April 24th - June 5th 2010: Lieutenant Colonel Andalas/Major Radishead


June 13th 2010-Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg 936

Intra-Regimental Competition winners

Turtle Cannon-TLawson

Motivational Pictures-CBFry/TLawson/Hans Von Hohenstaufen

40th Regiment

The first Lieutenant-Colonel was Dr Duncan after his transfer from the Royal Navy and his captaincy of HMS Will Salmon. After Dr Duncan was forced to move to the SAS, Ozarka, Dr Duncan's 2IC in this regiment and on the Will Salmon, took over. Ozarka promoted tlawson2310 to 2IC and when Ozarka resigned her post due to real life reasons, tlawson2310 took over as Lieutenant-Colonel.